the Juve star spent the night with his teammate’s wife

the Juve star spent the night with his teammate’s wife
the Juve star spent the night with his teammate’s wife

After the 3-3 draw against Cameroon, everyone in Serbia is speculating why Juventus star Dusan Vlahovics and Nemanja Gudelj, who is still starting in the first round and is considered a key player in the midfield, did not play against the Africans. Among the possible reasons, a quite amazing story appeared…

Everyone in Serbia is speculating why Vlahovic did not play against Cameroon (Photo: AFP)

After the match ended in a 3-3 draw against Cameroon, the Serbian press and local experts criticized Dragan “Pikszi” Stojkovic, the captain of the national team, in a very sharp tone, blaming him for the two points lost, as Serbia lost 3-1 led, and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before he scored the fourth goal. Instead, the Serbian national team scored two goals from quick counterattacks in the space of two minutes, and thus had to settle for the one point. Stojkovics justified the omission of Vlahovics by saying that the Juventus striker is not completely healthy, but the same can be said about Aleksandar Mitrovics, but the Fulham legionnaire played the entire match against the Africans. In addition, in the 1st round, against the Brazilians, he was not completely healthy, but he was still able to come on as a substitute.

The defense of the Serbian national team did not look like itself after the 55th minute, the reason being that Strahinja Pavlovic, the favorite of the national team captain, who scored the equalizing goal, was injured and had to be replaced. Pixzi, who is hugely popular in Serbia, is also blamed in his country for not ordering his team back in front of his own goal at 3-1, thus giving the opponent an opportunity to counterattack, which the Cameroonians took advantage of, and in the 66th minute it was 3-3. was on the scoreboard.

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The Twitter site went so far as to publish a post, according to which there is a strong conflict between some players due to personal reasons, and because of this Gudelj, Vlahovics and Luka Jovic did not play against Cameroon (it is true, the latter did not play against the Brazilians either).

“There’s a reason why Serbia played the way they did. Vlahovics spent the night together with goalkeeper Rajkovics’ wife, and Gudelj with Jovics’ wife. On the morning of November 28, Gudelj and Jovics had a fight. Consequences: Vlahovics is not in the minutes, Gudelj and Jovics did not play either. Maybe it’s not Pikszi’s fault after all…” – reads the post.

The full post can be read by clicking on the picture!

However, no news about this appeared in the Serbian press, and there certainly won’t be until Friday’s match against Switzerland, in which only victory guarantees Serbia progress. Thus, it is not possible to know whether the post has a basis in reality, in any case, it is a fact that the players’ couples traveled to Qatar, because before the match against Switzerland, the national team captain allowed the football players to meet them.

During the day, the Serbian press reported that the description of the national team as a “hospital on the edge of the city” is the most obvious, because apart from the aforementioned Vlahovics and Mitrovics, Filip Kosztics, Szasa Lukics and Szergej Milinkovics-Savics are not 100 percent, and not incidentally, the In addition to the already mentioned interior defender, Pavlovic, the other central defender, Milos Veljkovics, was also forced to leave the field earlier in the match against Cameroon…


BRAZIL: has already advanced and will not be group leader unless they lose to Cameroon, while Switzerland wins, and the goal difference between Brazil and Switzerland favors the European team.
if they beat Serbia, they advance, if they lose to them, they are eliminated. If they draw with Serbia, they will also advance if Cameroon fail to beat Brazil. If the Africans win, the goal difference and the number of goals scored will rank among them – with a good chance in favor of Cameroon.
CAMEROON: they can only advance if they beat Brazil and, in the meantime, Serbia do not beat Switzerland in such a way that their goal difference becomes better than theirs.
SERBIA: they can only advance if they beat Switzerland, and in the meantime, Cameroon do not beat Brazil so that their goal difference remains better than theirs.

Cameroon-Brazil (TV: M4 Sport) – live on NSO!
20.00: Serbia-Switzerland (TV: Danube World) – live on NSO!

1. Brazil 2 2 3-0 +3 6
2. Switzerland 2 1 1 1–1 0 3
3. Cameroon 2 1 1 3–4 -1 1
4. Serbia 2 1 1 3–5 -2 1

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