Russia has begun installing nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russia has begun installing nuclear weapons in Belarus
Russia has begun installing nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced back in March that Russia would install tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus at the request of the Belarusian side. But there have been no further comments from the Kremlin or the Belarusian state about nuclear weapons… until now.

The transfer of nuclear munitions has begun

Lukashenka told reporters during a visit to Moscow.

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Lukashenko has allowed his territory – which borders Ukraine and EU and NATO members Poland and Lithuania – to serve as a launching pad for Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. According to Putin’s announcement in March, we are talking about tactical – that is, short-range – nuclear weapons.

Putin has announced that he will install tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

Lukashenka said that Putin informed him on Wednesday that he had signed the decree on the handover. According to the Russian president, the construction of the facility for the storage of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is scheduled to be completed on July 1.

Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said in relation to the news on Thursday that the move “would not only endanger the lives of Belarusians, but would represent a new threat to Ukraine and the whole of Europe”.

Tactical nukes are battlefield weapons that, while devastating, are less effective than long-range strategic weapons. Putin’s announcement heightened fears of a nuclear conflict, but experts and governments say the move is unlikely to change the course of the conflict, reports the Moscow Times.

The United States has condemned Russia’s preparations to install tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, but for the time being it does not consider it necessary to change its own nuclear strategy, said Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the US State Department. According to Miller, this is an irresponsible move by the Russians, but at the same time, the United States sees no sign that Russia is preparing to deploy nuclear weapons.


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