Here are the latest news about Suhajda Szilrd

Here are the latest news about Suhajda Szilrd
Here are the latest news about Suhajda Szilrd

The search for mountaineer Suhajda Szilrd on Mount Everest continues. After the small ray of hope on Thursday evening, however, on Friday morning we waited for the news that we had been found.

One of the most experienced and successful climbers, Suhajda, who has already climbed more than eight thousand peaks, set off for the world’s highest mountain at dawn on Tuesday, Hungarian time. He wanted to be the first Hungarian to climb to the top of the world, the 8,848-meter summit, on the other level, i.e. without a load-carrying sherpa and an oxygen bottle.

However, after the rare winds, Mholdas signal did not give a better signal on Wednesday evening, as he did not report himself, and it is not known about him.

According to the plans, the mountain reached Camp 2 at 6,400 meters on Sunday, and then stopped at Camp 3 at 7,200 meters on Sunday. From there, early on Tuesday morning, he climbed to camp 4 at 7,950 meters, where he set up a one-person tent.

The race started on Tuesday evening, at 21:05 Nepalese time, in perfect weather conditions. The mountaineer’s GPS tracker, however, only sent signals sporadically instead of the programmed ten-minute intervals, and in some cases no fresh position determination was received.

However, he logged in twice on Mholdas’ phone. He called the backup team from the top of the famous Balcony, at 8450 meters, on Wednesday morning at 8 am, according to the first Neapolitan time. It was moving slowly but steadily. The second time he called from Dli-čsčs, 8630 meters, on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Nepalese time. Here he told me that he was physically fine, but the surgery was difficult and that it was quite late. At the same time, he said, they can definitely complete the advance and safe return to camp 4.

After that, the voice connection was no longer available on the communication page with the other person.

Four miles later, his tracker sent a signal from 8,720 meters. It was not possible to draw a clear conclusion about progress from the elapsed time and height. However, the closest signal came two years later, at 19:30 Nepalese time, from even higher, at 8,795 meters. That’s the height of the Hillary ladder. The css is at a height difference of 53 meters from here, and based on the previous movement of the stone, it is about the same size as the stone. This was the last location, your signal did not send any more positions.
Based on the satellite’s signal, the highest altitude reached was 8,795 meters. Although it is vertically only 50 meters from the mountain, it can also be on several acres.

The biggest risk is if they don’t turn back in time – no matter how close they are to the cliff – because you have to leave at least the same amount of time for the climb down as up, according to the general opinion, the really dangerous part of the climb is the descent. This is especially true if the person is alone, physically exhausted and lacking oxygen. Bottled oxygen not only makes breathing easier, but also reduces the feeling of chills, helping to avoid nasty ice creams.

On Wednesday night, the support team is working with the Rishi army to bring down Suhajda. We got in touch with the Nepalese charity that opened the base camp service, and together we started organizing the rescue. What got new momentum was when a commercial expedition team said that at 8,780 meters, the n. We saw the Hungarian minister, who was still alive, on Hillary’s steps. knows that Suhajdt was a little further from the open goal, he was seen outstretched, then he was cut level while holding down, but his position has changed a little compared to the previous one. This position coincides with the last GPS signal obtained on May 24 at 15:45 Hungarian time. Identify it on the basis of its clothing and NoO2 (oxygen-free limestone) matrix. According to an earlier report, a number of climbers noticed a figure above camp 4, it has now turned out that the mentioned figure was the last helper of a team of 8 climbers and 4 climbers (including Szilrd) starting on the evening of the 24th.

An earlier entry, still confident in voicemail:

However, at that height on Everest, even on a quiet, storm-free winter, it is -25-30 degrees, which is almost impossible to avoid when you are exhausted, without water and oxygen. The Explorersweb mountaineering news site also says that Hungarian mountaineering, of any kind, hardly exists anymore. His wife, Tmea Legindi, also said: honestly speaking, the Hungarian stone no longer exists.

The rescue team has extra oxygen, but no dexamethasone (a steroid used to treat high-pressure brain damage caused by lack of oxygen). This was with Suhajdn at the time of the latter’s departure, but ask if he used it in the past.

At the moment, three scripts are possible, according to

  • They go back to Szilrd’s position, but he is not there, i.e. in the middle he went down to the direction of camp 2, which is fatal
  • They go back to Szilrd’s position, he is still there, but he is no longer shooting
  • They go back to Szilrd’s position, and I find him there too, and he is still alive

If Szilrd succeeds in getting him to Camp 2, he can be flown from there to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

On Friday morning, the other’s father, Tibor Suhajda, also played a Finnish song on the social side, where he said he was praying that he would be in good health.

“What can you see now! Successes and failures? Now let go and only think about yourself, the whole, concentrate! keeping the country, friends and relatives away – WE ARE WITH YOU AND I PRAY, WE PRAY FOR YOU and that my little grandson, your son Soma, let him be able to slap you in the palm of your hand – to say hello “desapa” at home…:)
Worried with tears in my eyes, I also share the current, encouraging news…
We love you and are really looking forward to HOME‼️
Hang in there, you’re strong!” said Tibor Suhajda.

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