Significant price increases are coming on the shores of Lake Balaton

Significant price increases are coming on the shores of Lake Balaton
Significant price increases are coming on the shores of Lake Balaton

Tamás Károly said that the hotels previously tried to extend their opening hours to the entire length of the year, but due to winter costs and energy prices, this was not sustainable. However, newer technologies may make this possible in the future – the interview reveals.

In relation to the importance of the multi-seasonal Balaton program, Tamás Károly said that not all hotels and restaurants have to be open every day of the year. Due to the size, structure and costs of the buildings, smaller, more modern hotels are more suitable for this task. The point is that the guest finds the right solution for him.

The business trends of the Balaton region and the expected prospects will be discussed in more detail at our professional conference.

The closing of the hotel during the winter season was also discussed in the interview. Tamás Károly said that it is quiet at this time, but they can reopen in four days during certain events or conferences.

Employees are on staff throughout the year, and their wages are also paid during closures.

Regarding the workforce, Tamás Károly spoke about the fact that approx. They have 100 permanent employees at Club Tihany, who work under indefinite employment contracts. An additional 100 people will be hired at the start of the season. This year, it was relatively easy to find the necessary workforce, mainly with returning employees. In the past, 450 employees were employed, but they were able to reduce the number of employees through process optimization. He mentioned it as an examplethat the Londoner profession has practically disappeared, and that the work processes are solved with fewer people today.

According to Tamás Károly, the issue of prices depends on the extent to which raw material prices and energy prices rise, but of course market expectations are also decisive. Prices must be raised every year so that they can at least keep pace with inflation.

This year, however, global raw material and energy prices increased significantly, and we were only able to partially pass this on to our prices. We tried to increase prices as little as possible, because many of our customers were affected by the effects of the epidemic, and we wanted to continue to maintain our competitiveness

– stated the director of Club Tihany, but added that with this The price increase could be as much as 30 percent this year.

Regarding the calls for the season, he said that they are more optimistic than they were during the epidemic, since the progress of vaccinations and the easing of epidemic measures can have a good effect on tourism.

People show a greater need for travel and rest, so we hope that we will have more guests in the hotel – he explained their expectations.

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