After more than 20 years, the Windows XP activation code has been cracked


Hacking the algorithm means that you can use the software without any restrictions, but it is not recommended due to its age.

Microsoft let go of Windows XP back in 2014, but this does not mean that it has disappeared, in fact, even though Microsoft has already sent two more Windows to the grave since then, there are still people working to ensure that it remains usable, as evidenced by this the news that a crack has been released that can be used to validate XP product keys without an internet connection.

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Until now, to activate Windows XP, you had to bypass Microsoft’s validation process or trick the system with an external server. However, a new validation method appeared last year, an application appeared on a Reddit forum about XP that does the process without an internet connection.

However, The Register notes that it is not recommended for anyone to use the software, even if there are many people for whom this news seems like an oasis, because Windows XP was already full of security holes in its heyday and since it is not updated, they may still be there.

Of course, no one will be deterred by this from returning to the old, well-known operating system, but everyone is better off if they choose a new version or if they prefer to try the new crack on a virtual machine.

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