We show the cheapest domestic spas on a map

  • There are also spas where a full-price entrance ticket can be purchased for between HUF 1,400 and HUF 2,200.

  • Most of the spas offering cheap admission are located in the Great Plain.

The selection of domestic spas is quite wide. Among them are huge spa complexes, with services that satisfy all needs, in exchange for more expensive entrance fees. However, it is not by chance that you can also find spas that provide extremely cheap ticket prices, because sometimes their range is narrower and less modern, or there are far fewer pools available to guests.

We have collected the domestic spas that currently offer the cheapest ticket prices. We drew the limit of “cheapness” at HUF 2,200, which applies to full-price adult tickets. Within it, too they are not local residents for the ticket price provided for – many of the spas below offer discounts to local residents.

As you can see from the list and the map, quite a few spas offer a full-price entrance ticket for less than HUF 2,200. In addition, discounts are provided everywhere for students and pensioners, but even in addition, afternoon, group and other discounts are also available in many places.

It is important to emphasize that we have now specifically selected spas with spa certification. (A spa with medicinal water is not the same as a spa, you can read more about it here).

Kalocsai Spa and Swimming Pool. They reopened on May 24, with an adult ticket for just HUF 1,400, and a child and pensioner ticket for HUF 1,000.

Nádudvari Spa. The spa can be visited again since Friday, where an adult ticket costs HUF 1,500, and a student and pensioner ticket costs HUF 1,200.

Tiszafüredi Spa. The price of an adult entrance ticket is HUF 1,550, while children and pensioners can buy a daily entrance ticket for HUF 1,250.

Békés Spa. The spa, which is open on weekdays, offers an adult ticket for 1,740 forints, and a student and pensioner ticket for 1,380 forints.

Püspökladányi Sárrét Kincse Spa. They have recently raised their prices, but they still provide a very good value for money service. The adult day ticket costs HUF 1,800, pensioners and students HUF 1,450, and children HUF 1,000.

Rózsa Spa in Tótkomlós. This year they obtained the spa certification. With them, the price of an adult daily ticket is HUF 2,000, while students and pensioners can buy a ticket for HUF 1,300.

Kabai Spa. A very good spa with an outdoor pool, not far from Hajdúszoboszló. Here, a day ticket for adults costs HUF 2,000, for students and pensioners HUF 1,500.

Karcagi Akácliget Spa. Until the last day of May, an adult daily ticket costs HUF 2,000, while students and pensioners can exchange tickets for HUF 1,600.

Szentesi Spa. The price of a full-price ticket is HUF 2,000, for students and pensioners HUF 1,500.

Kiskunhalasi Fish Thermal. The price of a day ticket for adults is HUF 2,000, for pensioners and students HUF 1,500.

Csongrád Spa. This is also a very good value for money spa. The entrance fee for adults is HUF 2,200. HUF 1,800 for students (up to 25 years old) and pensioners.

Spa department of the Virágfürdő Spa in Kaposvár. The spa is part of a larger spa complex, to which you can buy a separate entrance ticket for HUF 2,200, while the price of a youth and pensioner ticket is HUF 1,700.

Nagyatád Spa. A classic spa with a patina, where each pool is filled with medicinal water. The full price ticket costs HUF 2,200, pensioners and students HUF 1,600. However, like the majority of the above baths, local residents are also provided with a discount here.

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