The electrical network of five schools is being developed

The electrical network of five schools is being developed
The electrical network of five schools is being developed

The investments are realized with the help of domestic and European Union funds, within the framework of which stable and modern electrical networks are created. The development is necessary because the electrical load of the schools was designed to be significantly smaller and in their current state they do not meet the challenges of the 21st century digital educational environment.

The project is implemented within the framework of the Széchenyi 220 program, for which the school district can use HUF 183 million in non-refundable support.

In the course of the EFOP-4.1.12-22-2023-00038 identification number project, developments are carried out in the following institutions:
1. Kodály Zoltán Central Primary School in Kaposvár Dániel Berzsenyi Member School
2. Mezőcsokonyai Primary School Somogysárd site
3. Nagyatád Primary School Member Institution of Árpád Fejedelem
4. Segesdi IV. Béla Király Primary School
5. Somogy County József Duráczky Kindergarten, Primary School, EGYMI and College

In several schools, the high-current network is being renovated and standardized, in addition to the modernization of network distributors and the system that ensures their power supply, the elimination of contact protection deficiencies, the creation of safety lighting in stairwells and corridors, and the renovation of circuits that ensure the improvement of operational safety.

In Somogysárd, the gym will receive a lightning protection system. New LED light fixtures are being installed in the József Duráczky Primary School in Somogy County. The old aluminum wiring and distribution cabinets will be dismantled and a modern distribution system will be installed with circuit breakers and copper wiring originating from them.

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