Oops! The dermatologist recommends a new sunbathing time zone due to the stronger radiation

Oops! The dermatologist recommends a new sunbathing time zone due to the stronger radiation
Oops! The dermatologist recommends a new sunbathing time zone due to the stronger radiation

Let’s face it, beautiful brown skin is attractive to many, but you shouldn’t go overboard here either. As the weather permits, more and more people are laying out on the waterfront, or simply in the garden or on the balcony. Although more and more people are using various sun lotions and sun oils, many still wave only to defend themselves. It’s good to know, UV radiation is already very high. In the case of babies and small children, sun protection is especially important, as their skin is still very sensitive.

Source: National Meteorological Service

According to the map of the National Meteorological Service, on May 25 a On a UV scale of 10, we can measure values ​​of 7.2-7.3, which is extremely high.

Metropol contacted a dermatologist and skin oncologist, who, for example, does not agree at all with avoiding the sun only between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

In addition to today’s strong light conditions, I definitely recommend changing this habit, namely so that people preferably do not sunbathe between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

– He told Dr. Katalin Gilde. According to the doctor, it is not possible to say a clear length of time regarding how much sun exposure can be harmful.

“The most sensitive are people with red hair and fair skin, for them even a few minutes in the hot sun can be enough for them to blush, that is, for inflammation to occur in their skin. At the same time, for people with Creole skin, this period can be much longer.” – said the doctor.

What is the value on the UV scale that is already considered strong and warns of caution? Well, according to the dermatologist, the value of 6 is already high, but now the radiation is even stronger.

It is very important that everyone uses sun lotion or sun oil with a factor number suitable for their skin type and individual sensitivity. Factor 50 products are definitely recommended for those with more sensitive, lighter skin

– said Dr. Katalin Gilde.

According to the doctor, clothes protect our skin best, but a parasol can also be of good service at home or in the garden.

It is very important to know that sunburn is inflammation of the skin. It indicates that a harmful amount of light has entered the tissues. This is usually a reversible process, but it also causes damage to the genetic makeup of the cells, which can also cause skin cancer. Not to mention that if we look at the skin of people working in agriculture, for example, we can see that it will be much rougher, more tanned, and more wrinkled when they are old. That is why sun protection is very important

– added the dermatologist.

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