HAON – Real estate prices have moderated in Debrecen

HAON – Real estate prices have moderated in Debrecen
HAON – Real estate prices have moderated in Debrecen

You have to let go a lot

According to the specialist, the real estate market in Debrecen is experiencing a drop in prices: while previously it was not possible to buy an apartment on Egyete súvarú for less than 30 million forints, now you can find an apartment with a target price of 25 million forints.

This means that the prices have decreased by approximately 15 percent, and the proportion of bargains is also higher, the sellers have to give up even 10-15 percent of the target price

Péter Gór noted. He believes that the real estate market probably won’t start until the base interest rate on loans is reduced. – Credit always drives purchases, however, due to the current high installments, demand has dropped. That is why cash buyers are at an advantage now, mainly investors, who are happy to buy now, but do not choose according to the same criteria as families who want to buy at home.

The real estate agent also touched on the fact that the length of time to sell has also been extended: while previously an apartment could be sold in as little as a week, at the moment you have to wait up to 6 months for a successful sale.

Subletting is scarce

Although the real estate market is stagnant for the time being, business is doing well in subletting: the supply is getting smaller and the prices are getting higher. – You can find apartments for rent from HUF 90,000 to HUF 700,000, houses from HUF 150,000 to HUF 2 million (per month) in Debrecen.

In July and mid-August, when university students also start looking for sublets, the demand increases, so an even bigger price increase is expected

– says Péter Gór.


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