At Red Bull, it was hinted that they might lose in Monaco

At Red Bull, it was hinted that they might lose in Monaco
At Red Bull, it was hinted that they might lose in Monaco

They triumphed in each race this year, but both drivers admitted that they are not expected to show their strongest form on this track. Will the winning streak be broken?

A year ago, Sergio Pérez won the Monaco Grand Prix thanks to Ferrari’s clumsiness, and Red Bull didn’t win all three of the previous three races here, only because in 2019, Lewis Hamilton, with bad tire tactics, took advantage of the fact that it was practically impossible to overtake him. attacking Max Verstappen.

The Mexican competitor, on the other hand, admitted that the team was prepared for the fact that they are not necessarily the favorites this time. “We know that we are not the strongest on this field. We will struggle a bit to show the strengths of the car,” he said, referring to the good tire management, among other things.

“On Saturday, it will be necessary to warm up the tires well. This is clearly the key here. Let’s say it’s not our strongest track, but we’ll see. Anything can still happen in Monaco. I expect Fernando [Alonso] and the Ferraris will be strong, just as they were in Baku. Mercedes can also be in the game.”

It’s amazing that Red Bull is so outstanding in this as well

Charles Leclerc was the fastest on this year’s tracks, which have been mostly equipped with slow corners so far, in Baku in both time trials (in the separate qualifications of the sprint and the traditional race), and in Melbourne, Mercedes performed unexpectedly well.

Max Verstappen also does not expect a walking race. “I think it will be more difficult for us and the field will be tighter. At the same time, our car is still good, we just have to try to get the most out of it. One-lap pace is not our greatest strength, but we still took pole position several times, so we will have the opportunity to do so again. But there can always be surprises in Monaco,” he said.

“I’m happier if the car is fast on most tracks and not ideal, just tolerable in Monaco. This is only one race in the calendar, we are aiming for a good result. Of course I want to win, but if it doesn’t happen that way, I’ll accept whatever points I get.”

At Aston Martin, for example, they are secretly confident in their chances of victory, because there are not many long straights in Monaco, so the top speed disadvantage of the greens does not show. Team principal Mike Krack said their drivers were very happy with the car in the simulator.

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