Deer victory among young pecs

Deer victory among young pecs
Deer victory among young pecs

As can be read on the Facebook page of the KHESZ Ifi Klub, the exploding summer and poplar fluff were perhaps not the most favorable for catching fish, however, the most prepared in the sectors were still able to go above a 5-7 kilogram catch. As it was written, the tactic had to be clearly based on catching breams, and for this, accordingly, refined tip and pile rods were needed. The repertoire was enriched by small and large carp, crucian carp, bream, and for the “refined” backwater anglers, balin, the latter “pressing” a lot on the total weight.

According to the participants, it was an atmospheric, great competition and a weekend family program, which ended with an award giving a lot of quality fishing equipment, delicious spaghetti Bolognese and a not-so-surprising cake.

The Slovak Primary School in Szarvas finished first (team leader: László Miloszrdni; team members: Merse Kis Hunor, Balázs Rojkó, Szabolcs Rojkó)

The József Implom Primary School in Gyula came second. (team leader: Dr. Gyula Árpád Bagdi; team members: Árpád Barnabás Bagdi, Levente Bence Bagdi, Szabolcs Kiss)

The third place went to Petőfi Sándor Evangelical High School and Primary School in Mezőberény. (team leader: Tamás Kolozsi; team members: Regina Mária Kiszely, Péter Komóczi, Vanda Virág)

Sector first place winners: Bence Bagdi (Sector A), Balázs Rojkó (Sector B) and Szabolcs Rojkó (Sector C) The most successful female competitor was Brigitta Nagy.

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