PC gadgets that can change your life

PC gadgets that can change your life
PC gadgets that can change your life

Do you sit in front of a computer a lot? We show some accessories and peripherals that are practical, useful and do not necessarily cost a fortune.

Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference. You don’t necessarily need a completely new PC, monitor, etc. to buy to make your time spent in front of the machine a little more comfortable, easier to handle, and better.

When you build a PC for yourself, you spend days or even weeks putting together the configuration you think is ideal and then carefully building it. This is really very important, but it is not everything: the preparations are not over when you have acquired your perfect dream machine, accessories and comfort equipment can greatly affect the user experience. Among these, we will show you the ones that have worked for us, or that we would like to use in our gamer/work corner at home.

Let’s start right now with one of the cheapest and simplest accessories. This is a woven textile pad, which now not only provides as much as the old mouse pads, i.e. it is similar in structure, but significantly larger. It’s just big enough to comfortably fit a keyboard and mouse. The bottom of such pads adheres well to the tabletop, and the top slides easily, and the more expensive ones also help the positioning of the mouse better than a smooth tabletop. When typing, the flexible support is also good for your wrists, and of course the table top is not damaged or scratched.

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