The Metal Gear Solid board game is coming soon

The Metal Gear Solid board game is coming soon
The Metal Gear Solid board game is coming soon
  • Now available for pre-order Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game
  • That is, a board game based on the popular franchise
  • Cooperative creation also includes a campaign mode
  • And it comes with 20 minis

During last night’s PlayStation Showcase, the long-rumored was finally officially unveiled Metal Gear Solid 3 renovation, so it is certain that we will soon be able to experience the legendary adventure again – not to mention, a remaster package will also arrive in the fall. And if all that wasn’t enough for the fans of the series, courtesy of CMON there is also a board game based on the franchise, which with noble simplicity Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game has a name.

For a creation geared towards a cooperative experience Emerson Matsuuchi is responsible, and the wonderful illustrations Thanks to Marco Checchetto. In the game, by definition, we can take control of the well-known characters, in the framework of two types of fun: VR Mission Book contains six independent missions, a And during Shadow Moses, we can enjoy the campaign consisting of 14 missions, which is also assisted by a campaign booklet. Just like in the base game, stealth is of course the main role here too, so we have to reach our goal by avoiding the guards and security cameras, while also hooking that particular mustache with one or two main opponents. The experience is ensured by the 20 extremely well-crafted minis, and if you pre-order the party now (by the way, HERE you can do it), then you get the Integral Edition, which includes a 109-page application and a 13 centimeter high Metal Gear REX is also included.

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