David Pressman spoke about sanctions blocking

David Pressman spoke about sanctions blocking
David Pressman spoke about sanctions blocking

We find it difficult to see how blocking sanctions against Russian violators of human rights and Chinese companies contributing to the Russian war machine serves Hungary’s interests

– said David Pressman, the ambassador of the United States to Hungary, after meeting with high-ranking EU officials in Brussels.

Pressman traveled to Brussels on May 25-26 to consult with senior officials of the European Union on shared priorities related to security and democratic values, the embassy said in a statement.

He also met with US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein and US NATO Ambassador Julianne Smith, with whom he discussed issues of central importance to the transatlantic alliance.

The United States continues to work closely with its European partners on important issues related to the rule of law, fighting corruption, and promoting transparency. We remain united in our support for Ukraine to be able to defend itself against the brutal Russian attacks against the Ukrainian people and their democratic values. We will never accept Russia’s brazen attempts to forcibly redraw borders and undermine the rules that make the world safer on both sides of the Atlantic.

he added.

Cover photo: MTI Photo/Tamás Kovács

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