The UN’s independent commission of inquiry has uncovered war crimes in Ukraine

The UN’s independent commission of inquiry has uncovered war crimes in Ukraine
The UN’s independent commission of inquiry has uncovered war crimes in Ukraine

On the basis of the evidence collected on the spot, it can be established that war crimes were committed in Ukraine, the chairman of the UN independent commission of inquiry, Norwegian Erik Mose, announced on Friday. The commission was established in March by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate violations.

Fresh plots of war victims in the Irpiny cemetery.

Members of the committee visited 27 Ukrainian settlements in the regions of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy and spoke to more than 150 victims and witnesses. In his report to the Human Rights Council, Mose said that the Russian army bombed populated areas, executed and tortured civilians, committed sexual assault and mistreated the Ukrainian population.

“We were overwhelmed by the large number of executions in the regions we visited”Mose said. The committee is currently investigating these and documenting additional cases. He also said that the bodies were found with clear signs of execution: arms tied behind their backs, gunshot wounds to the head or throats cut.

Witnesses said they were mistreated by the Russians, in some cases stripped naked and tortured with beatings, electric shocks or other forms of torture. Some claimed they were taken to Russia after their capture and spent weeks in prison. There were also those who disappeared in Russian captivity, Mose said.

In addition to torture, the Russians also raped many. According to witnesses, in some cases relatives were forced to watch the act. The ages of the victims ranged from four to eighty-two.

“The commission also documented cases in which children were raped and tortured and illegally detained” Mose said.

The commission also learned of two cases in which Ukrainian forces mistreated Russian soldiers. Although there are far fewer such cases, they still do not escape our attention, Mose said.

Russia did not participate in the Human Rights Council meeting. Moscow consistently denies that the Russian army attacks civilians in Ukraine. (MTI)

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