Boris Pistorius made an unexpected visit to Kiev

Boris Pistorius made an unexpected visit to Kiev
Boris Pistorius made an unexpected visit to Kiev

November 21, 2023 – 10:12 a.m

Our Tuesday summary of the most important events of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

  • German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius arrived in Kiev on an unannounced visit on Tuesday to hold talks with his Ukrainian official counterpart, Rustem Umerov – according to a statement from Berlin, they are discussing strengthening German aid to Ukraine. This is Pistorius’s second visit to Kyiv since he took office as defense minister. He last visited Kiev in February. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin also arrived in Kiev on Monday – also for an unannounced visit. (MTI)
  • The United States announced 100 million dollars (about HUF 36 billion) in new military aid to Ukraine on Monday to meet the country’s defense needs. The new package includes, among other things, anti-aircraft missiles for MANPADS systems, as well as M142 HIMARS mobile missile launchers with rockets, 105 and 155 millimeter shells, as well as other anti-tank weapons, as well as millions of rounds of ammunition for small arms. The equipment is called from the stocks of the US Army, which allows for quick delivery to the Ukrainian battlefield. The United States also announced on Monday that it would put two members of the Russian armed forces on a sanctions list, whom it considers responsible for the killing of innocent civilians in Ukrainian settlements. Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, who is also referred to as the “Bucsai Massacre”, was subject to punitive measures, and Danyil Frolkin, a non-commissioned officer of the Russian army, was also sanctioned by the US for violent acts. (MTI)
  • Ukraine is not willing to negotiate peace at any price, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement to the British newspaper The Sun. In the interview, Zelensky says: the Ukrainian government does not believe that Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin personally, wants to end the war. “They want to kill us, but we want justice,” he added. According to Zelensky, that is why Ukraine is not talking about peace achieved at any price, but about a just peace. The Ukrainian president admitted that the situation on the battlefield is difficult, but he answered the question he asked himself whether Ukraine would be ready “to make friends or sit at the diplomatic negotiating table” with Russia with a firm no. Zelensky denied that there had been a stalemate in the military operations. He also spoke about how, in his opinion, the war between the Islamist group Hamas, which dominates the Gaza Strip, and Israel does not help Ukraine. According to him, the world should examine to whom the recent flare-up of the conflict in the Middle East was important. (MTI)
  • Donetsk county in eastern Ukraine was hit during the night – one person was killed and six were wounded, the Ukrainian interior minister announced on Tuesday. The rockets hit a hospital in the town of Selidove and a coal mine in Kotlyarevsk, and civilian infrastructure objects were damaged or destroyed. (MTI)

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