the Ukrainians are talking about complete defeat

the Ukrainians are talking about complete defeat
the Ukrainians are talking about complete defeat

The war in Ukraine has been frozen for months, and it didn’t even have to wait for winter. Security policy expert József Kis-Benedek told the Magyar Nemzet that we cannot talk about a standing war, as the parties are constantly fighting, but rather we can see a balanced fight. The fact that the Ukrainians won’t win this war was a taboo in the Western media for a long time, as there are too many questions to be answered. Now, however, even Ukrainian experts are talking about complete defeat.

The Europeans underestimated the military capabilities of the Russians

– Aljona Getmanczuk, an analyst at the New Europe Center in Kyiv, already talked about this in an interview. The Russians have proven once again that they have extraordinary resilience. Their adaptability has also been shown in the military field, where they have adjusted their tactics to match the tactics of the opponent, for example by using more and more drones.

Since the Russians were apparently not crushed by the sanctions imposed by the West, the economic collapse that many expected did not happen. In addition, the Russian armed forces can constantly renew themselves, they do not have to carry out conscription, while

the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian forces, Valery Zaluzhny, recently confirmed to The Economist that they are at a dead end and that while they were waiting for Western weapons, the Russians were adapting and strengthening. As he said, they are holding the position, but not making progress.

Traces of a rocket attack on an apartment building.Source: Anadolu via AFP/2023 Anadolu/Ozge Elif Kizil

According to former Ukrainian Minister Pavlo Klimkin, it seems that Moscow also knows that Kiev is in big trouble, and the President of the Duma confirmed that this war will be decided on the front. The Russian elite rallied behind President Vladimir Putin. As one Russian representative put it: “Ukraine’s military defeat will happen before May. “

But the Russians are also looking forward to Joe Biden’s departure.

Donald Trump is not an easy partner, but we will find an agreement with him

said one of them.

At the moment, the Ukrainians receive just enough military support from the West, with which they cannot win the war, but they can continue the battle.

According to the Le Figaro article, a Ukrainian defeat following the lack of Western mobilization would have serious consequences. This would encourage the continuation of the Kremlin’s imperialist project in the other former republics of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, the Russian military has announced that it will increase its military budget by 70 percent in 2024 compared to 2023. As it turned out, with the money available to the Kremlin, the Russian army can withstand the front for several years, Magyar Nemzet wrote.

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