There are already 12 fatalities this year on Mount Everest

There are already 12 fatalities this year on Mount Everest
There are already 12 fatalities this year on Mount Everest

A total of 12 people have died on Mount Everest in this year’s climbing season, including the Canadian climber who died on May 25 in Camp III of the mountain, reports The Himalayan Times based on the authorities’ statement. Two Nepali and three foreign climbers are still listed as missing, one of them is Hungarian Suhajda Szilárd.

The Canadian Petrus Albertain Swart was a member of the Madison Mountaineering expedition, IV. he became ill above camp after suffering from altitude sickness during the ascent to the summit. According to sources from the base camp, the man was helped to descend, but III. died on the way to the camp.

The Himalayan Times also writes that last week a 33-year-old deaf and mute Malaysian mountaineer also disappeared on the mountain, while an Indian Singaporean mountaineer disappeared from the 8,500-meter height of Mount Everest. The latter may have fallen from 8,500 meters on the Tibetan side, but expedition organizers say efforts are still underway to search for the missing climber.

The paper also writes about the Hungarian mountaineer Suhajda Szilárd, who is also listed as missing, last seen at approximately 8,780 meters, at the bottom of the Hillary steps. The team that detected him said that he could be clearly identified based on his clothing. When they passed him, he showed signs of life, but with signs of frostbite and high-altitude cerebral edema, his wife said there was little chance he was still alive.

Szilárd Suhajda left the base camp at 5,500 meters on May 21 to use the previously established campsites to climb the highest mountain on Earth, the 8,848-meter-high Mount Everest, on May 24. He planned all of this in classic alpine style, without oxygen bottles and Sherpas to help him climb. No Hungarian climber had previously been able to achieve such a feat.

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