It was announced that he could be the new Chief of Staff of the US Army

It was announced that he could be the new Chief of Staff of the US Army
It was announced that he could be the new Chief of Staff of the US Army

The president announced his decision at the White House on Thursday. He urged the Senate to accept the nominee by a unanimous vote, as was the case when he was elected chief of staff of the Air Force (US Air Force) three years ago. Joe Biden emphasized that his candidate comes from a military family, whose father served as a colonel in Vietnam, his grandfather as a sergeant major in World War II, and he himself has 3,000 flight hours and 130 deployment hours as a pilot.

Joe Biden mentioned among the tasks of the American army for the next period the rapid transformation and adaptation, which is able to maintain the deterrent ability of the deployment forces and can destroy any threat. According to the president, the tasks facing the country include managing competition with China and confronting the reality of renewed aggression in Europe. He emphasized that his candidate spoke out against racism in the army three years ago, during the riots following the death of George Floyd.

CQ Brown is the first African-American commander of the US Air Force and, if approved by the Senate, will become the first African-American chief of staff in 30 years as the Army Chief of Staff.

The current Chief of Staff of the United States Army, who was nominated by Donald Trump, General Mark Milley, will step down in September. At a press conference Thursday, the top officer expressed hope that his successor, Gen. Charles Q. Brown, would quickly receive Senate approval to take over the command of the US Army General Staff.

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