A Swedish mercenary died in Kiev

A Swedish mercenary died in Kiev
A Swedish mercenary died in Kiev

The 36-year-old Swede Daniel Nyström, who fought in Ukraine for more than a year, was found dead in the Ukrainian capital, the Swedish press reports.

He was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Kiev.

– ‘It was difficult to process, it’s still unbelievable, incredibly sad. Incredible” – said his mother, Nell Nyström, to the Swedish newspaper NSD.

In April 2022, 36-year-old Daniel Nyström decided to become a mercenary in the war in Ukraine. He was one of the Swedish soldiers who went to fight on the side of the International Legion and the Ukrainian army.

Daniel Nyström in Ukraine

During the year, he kept in regular contact with his family in Sweden. Including his mother, Nell Nyström, at home in Kiruna. He said his son planned to return to Sweden soon.

“He hasn’t been home in over a year.” He couldn’t just come, because he was no longer a volunteer, but signed a contract.” his mother told NSD.

However, the news came on Wednesday. The police knocked on Nell’s door and told her that Daniel had been found dead in his bed in an apartment in Kiev. The exact cause of death is unknown.

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