Fortunately, these 77 popular series are still being continued by Netflix

Fortunately, these 77 popular series are still being continued by Netflix
Fortunately, these 77 popular series are still being continued by Netflix

No need to worry, there will be plenty to choose from on Netflix, with countless series returning in 2024 and beyond.

2023 was far from an easy year for streaming providers. On the one hand, the services have grown on top of each other, and potential subscribers have become tired of the oversupply, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep them, or even to persuade them to subscribe. This is partly why companies began to actively filter and punish password sharing, which Netflix bravely did first – so far with success.

On the other hand, the coronavirus epidemic has only now really started to exert its economic impact, which, together with the Russian-Ukrainian war, caused severe inflation all over the world. This has resulted in a drastic increase in the price of monthly and annual subscriptions, which further aggravates the above-mentioned problem. Then, due to wage settlement and disadvantageous contracts, the American writers and actors went on strike, which set back the work of all the films and series that were being made and/or were only on the drawing board for several months.

It could be that by the end of 2023, Netflix has cut a record number of series, among which, just by the law of large numbers, you will find plenty of ones that you sincerely regret. Especially because even the least popular series was followed by at least hundreds of thousands, who will certainly not find out how the story would have ended. Fortunately, however, Netflix is ​​not a merciless executioner either, in addition to the reapers, they have of course renewed a number of series, which will either continue or, unlike the productions that have been shot down, end with a final season.

So far, we know of 77 such series that will definitely return to Netflix at some point with a new and/or final season, we have now collected them in a large (and updated) list:

  • Kiss: Kitty – season 2 is coming
  • FUBAR – Schwarzenegger returns for Season 2
  • The “time traveler” series continues again with season 15 – 3
  • Managers – American football is explained further in season 2
  • Elite – the 8th will be the final season

  • Sweet Magnolias – Season 4 will definitely happen
  • The Circle: USA – The battle for the $100,000 prize continues with seasons 6 and 7
  • With warm eyes – the life of homosexuals will be presented in the new season
  • Unstable – Rob Lowe’s sitcom continues in Season 2

  • Arcane – the most successful game adaptation also returns with the 2nd season
  • Barbecue battle – the cooking battle gets a 3rd season
  • Blood of Zeus – the Greek mythological animation continues in the 2nd season
  • The Bridgerton Family – the popular romantic series has already been renewed well in advance with a 3rd and 4th season
  • Dream home for everyone – the makeover show gets a 5th season

  • The Empress – the next season of the German costume drama has already been ordered
  • The gang with green gloves – the Polish comedy goes through its 2nd act
  • Mocsár – the Polish crime series gets a new 3rd season
  • Road to Hell – Season 2 has already been ordered for this Korean mystery crime series

Of course, there will be content beyond these series that will continue, but we already know this for sure about the above. As soon as Netflix renews a series, we will update the list.

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