Better catch chances, more expensive fishing tickets: this is how prices rise in Ba

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Instead of the 25-30 percent price increase justified on average due to the market conditions, another solution was found.

On Friday, November 18, the Rádpusztán announced a differentiated increase in the price of fishing tickets based on age and fishing opportunities. VIII. At the Balaton Fishing Conference, the Balaton Halgazdokászi Nonprofit Zrt. (BHNp Zrt.). During the break of the professional presentations, two fishermen received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Balaton Fishing. – writes a

The price of fishing tickets will increase – photo:

The Balaton Fish Management Nonprofit Zrt. summarized what was said at the conference

For the Balaton Fishing Conference, similarly as in previous years, the presidents of the fishing associations and county fishing associations involved around Lake Balaton, the representatives of the Hungarian National Fishing Association (Mohosz) and their other professional partners, as well as the staff of the regional and trade press were invited.

The performances are a were presented to an audience of nearly 100 people, they were the first to learn that due to the change in the economic environment raising the price of Balaton fishing tickets becomes required from 2023.

In a public opinion poll conducted in recent weeks, the question was asked whether the fishermen a which form of price increase among the ones listed would be considered the fairest?

Of the 2,688 respondents:

  • 860 people elected to “The price of all ticket types should rise uniformly in proportion to the increase in costs.”
  • on 749 elected to “The near-shore tickets should be renamed party tickets and the prices should increase only slightly, but the general tickets should increase more. The boat ticket should be created as a new type of ticket, the price of which should fall between the near-shore and general tickets. Thus, those with a better chance of catching would pay a proportionally higher contribution.”
  • on 515 elected to “Differentiated price increase: the price of tickets for children, youth and over 65 should increase less compared to the others.
  • as well as on 564 they voted for the former two methods to be implemented together, i.e. differentiation according to age and structural transformation.

So 1,313 people agreed with the proposal to introduce the boat ticket, and it can also be said that the vast majority did not vote in favor of the uniform price increase – writes

Differentiated price increases according to age and catch chances will be implemented from 2023

The management of BHNp Zrt based on the poll also decided that instead of the 25-30 percent price increase justified on average due to market conditions, from 2023 it will implement a differentiated price increase according to age and catch chances.

  • instead of the nearshore/general segmentation the beach/boat/general segmentation is introduced
  • the ticket types that provide a better chance of winning (indented, general, boat) prices rise more
  • at the same time party ticket prices will rise more moderately, by an average of 16 percent. Also ticket prices for those over 65 and youth will increase to a lesser extentand the child remains unchanged this time as well
  • the There is an additional discount for those over 65 and those under the age of 65, as well as for children, to maintain the right to be near the coastso they do not need to buy a boat ticket in order to be able to fish from a (non-registered) watercraft within 1500 meters
  • the additional tickets will allow entry into both categories at the same price. Therefore, an angler who has purchased a coastal annual ticket, if he buys an additional ticket, can fish either from a boat or from a watercraft with a registration number during its duration. It is also true for anglers who have bought an annual boating ticket that if they buy an additional ticket, they can also fish from a watercraft with a registration number
  • the shore ticket entitles you to fish from the shore, pier (also free-standing) and wading in water, and the boat ticket entitles you to fish either from the shore or from a (non-registered) watercraftin the same way as the previous coastal ticket, up to a maximum of 1,500 meters from the coast

Instead of the 25-30 percent price increase justified on average due to market conditions, a differentiated price increase according to age and catch chances will be implemented from 2023 – photo:

Ticket prices valid from 2023

ticket prices

The fishing order change plans presented at the conference for an email review still sent to the relevant fishing organizations, then in mid-December expected the finalized fishing regulations for 2023 will be published – reports

Lifetime Achievement Award for Balaton Fishing this year László Verseczki and Ferenc Kontics received them.

The article is in Hungarian

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