The Florida mom takes her children’s safety very seriously

The Florida mom takes her children’s safety very seriously
The Florida mom takes her children’s safety very seriously

A mother of two forbade her children to play with balloons, skipping ropes, magnets, lightsabers – all because of what she saw as an undertaker.

29-year-old Lauren Eliza, a former undertaker, says that she has participated in the autopsies of so many children that the time spent on the job has made her especially cautious about her own children, Metro reports.

The mom from Fort Myers, Florida said:

People call me the Grinch because I keep gifts and toys away from your kids.

I laugh at it. I’m an overprotective mom, and that’s okay.

“I refer to myself as a scarred coroner. I’ve seen a lot of kids in the morgue and you never get over that experience. I don’t let your kids on the trampoline. We don’t use bunk beds and they don’t wear pajamas with a drawstring around the waist. Children are not allowed to use jump ropes or magnets. They can’t play with lightsabers or anything like that because it can cause head injuries.

Lauren is also strict about the food she gives her two- and four-year-old sons.

He said: I couldn’t eat peanuts until I was six, and it will be the same with them. I don’t keep small things at home that could cause them to choke.

Death can happen to anyone. Talking about death with children is not a popular conversation, but it is important.

This highly risk-averse attitude is nothing new in Lauren’s family, as her own father, 53-year-old Pat, was an undertaker and paramedic.

When I was a kid, I had a list of things I couldn’t play with. “I had a normal childhood and I didn’t understand why my parents restricted things until I was older,” Lauren said.

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