Freddie Mercury died 31 years ago today, only his first love knows where he rests

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died exactly 31 years ago. The tragic death of the legendary singer-musician – whose original name was Farrokh Bulsara – was caused by AIDS. He told very few people about his illness, and the public found out almost at the last moment: the day before his death, he issued a statement in which he admitted that he was HIV-positive.

He was diagnosed with this in 1987. Incidentally, Freddie Mercury died at his home in Garden Lodge, London, where he lived with his partner and “husband”, Jim Hutton.

In our compilation on the occasion of the anniversary of his death, we now reveal how the last months of the legendary singer’s life went, and we also share some never-before-heard information about the Queen frontman with our readers.

The last photos

Freddie Mercury was still smiling at the camera in his last photos taken a few weeks before his death, but his condition has clearly deteriorated. The inimitable Queen frontman was photographed with his beloved cats in the garden of One Garden Lodge in West Kensington.

Freddie reportedly specifically asked that the photos not be taken too closely because he was nervous about his appearance. The singer’s last love, Jim Hutton, photographed him, and the pictures were taken exactly on August 28, 1991, three months before Mercury’s death.

“That summer was the last time Freddie posed in front of a camera – mine. That’s how it happened. I was out in the garden photographing some flowering plants when Freddie walked towards me. I adjusted the lens and he moved back a little so that the picture was not too close. Then he posed while I took four pictures, and I managed to get a smile out of him for each one. He was very pale, he knew he didn’t look his best, but that didn’t matter one bit; of the pictures of Freddie, I like these the most” – Jim Hutton recalled the moment.

Only his first love knows where his grave is

Freddie Mercury’s first and last girlfriend Mary Austin was with whom his relationship lasted for six years. The Queen frontman then confessed to her that he was gay. Mary was by the singer-musician’s side even in his last days, and she is the only one who knows where Freddie Mercury rests. The musician asked him to bury his ashes secretly, because he was afraid that the fans would ruin his grave.

Freddy Mercury and Mary Austin / Photo: Northfoto

His last message was to Elton John

Elton John was one of the few people who could see Freddie Mercury in his last days, as the Queen frontman, who tragically died of AIDS at the young age of 45, was a close friend of the singer-songwriter. As Elton said, it was a deep pain for him to see how the horrible disease completely destroyed Freddie’s life, but it didn’t stop him from thinking about his friends in the rest of his time.

“Freddie died on November 24, 1991, and I mourned him for weeks after his funeral. I found out on Christmas day that he had texted me for the last time. A friend gave me a gift wrapped in a pillow case, a painting. Freddie enclosed a message: ‘Dear Sharon, I thought you might like this. I love you, Melina. Freddie and I have called each other that for years. I was 44 at the time, but I cried like a child. Here was this beautiful man, dying, but even in his last days he made sure he could give me a present at Christmas” – said Elton John.

Freddie Mercury’s last message to Elton John /Photos: Northfoto

He died at the age of 45 Freddy Mercury he will live forever in the memory of the world, just as it means a lot to us, Hungarians: who could forget the lines of the folk song “Spring wind blows water” sung in Hungarian by the legendary singer.

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