Trophy blonde will be the hottest winter hair color

Trophy blonde will be the hottest winter hair color
Trophy blonde will be the hottest winter hair color

The most magical hair color of the winter season, trophy blonde, has arrived.

THE blond hair it never goes out of fashion, most of the time only the currently trendy shades change. This year, warmer, browner, reddish tones are especially popular. Of these, the trophy blonde stands out.

This makes the trophy blonde special

At first, it is difficult to guess from the name of the shade what kind of tone it is. But if you think about it, it’s even simpler. You have to think of a blonde that is like liquid gold, or let’s say, like a trophy. Celebrity hairstylist Katie Hale revealed that this blonde has a lot of warm undertones. The browner, redder notes are mixed in, the ashenness is now pushed into the background, the hairdressers emphasize the copper notes.

Since it is a warmer blonde, it does not need to be cremated. Regardless, hairdressers tint it to ensure that the final result is golden and to avoid yellowness. The trophy can also appear in the case of blonde balayage, in which case the hairdresser lightens the strands from the brown base color.

The hair color is very popular, so much so that even the stars are fans of it. Many people have tried it recently, such as Beyoncé or Blake Lively, but you can also be inspired by Cameron Diaz’s hairstyle.

Trophy blonde should be cared for in the same way as any dyed hair. But the cremation shampoo and wrap will not be needed here. However, the hair color must be updated regularly, this is the only way to preserve its warm, pleasant tone.


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