Investigation into amphetamine smuggling case ongoing: Airport police

Investigation into amphetamine smuggling case ongoing: Airport police
Investigation into amphetamine smuggling case ongoing: Airport police

Taoyuan, Nov. 21 (CNA) Two Taiwanese men arrested for smuggling amphetamine, a Class II drug, into Taiwan, have been indicted by prosecutors, who requested prison sentences of at least seven years, while a third suspect remains at large, the Aviation Police Bureau (APB) said Tuesday.

The APB and Taipei Customs discovered a batch of whey protein powder imported from the United States containing 8,646 kilograms of amphetamine with a street value of nearly NT$10 million (US$319,611) in May, Chen Mien-tsung (陳綿宗), an officer in the APB’s Criminal Investigation Police Brigade, told reporters Tuesday.

According to Chen, following the discovery the APB set up an investigation team and reported the case to Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office, asking the office to lead the investigation into the smuggling case.

The investigation team discovered that a drug ring, led by a man surnamed Lin (林), nicknamed “Kuang Tou (bareheaded),” smuggled amphetamine from the US into Taiwan by concealing it in high-protein diet supplements, Chen said.

It also found that under Lin’s instruction, two men, surnamed Wang (王) and Chang (張), began smuggling the drugs into Taiwan in March, Chen said.

The investigation determined that Wang and Chang smuggled amphetamine into Taiwan on multiple occasions, Chen said, adding that the two were paid between NT$30,000 and NT$100,000 each time.

The investigation team arrested the two men as they picked up the drugs at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in May, Chen said.

After the arrest, the two men were interviewed by police and held incommunicado, before finally admitting their smuggling activities and indicating Lin was behind the smuggling ring, Chen said.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lin, who is also wanted in connection with other crimes, including fraud and money laundering, the police officer said.

(By Wu Jui-chi and Bernadette Hsiao)


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