Autumn rains stuck the harvest in the mud

Autumn rains stuck the harvest in the mud
Autumn rains stuck the harvest in the mud

Kaposvár Agro-Gép Kft. also farms in the Kaposméró, Hetes and Juta areas. The 340 hectares of corn were harvested, the average yield was over ten tons, and 30 percent of the crop was sold. The rest are in storage and are waiting for a better offer than the current one.

– We sowed the autumn crops on 300 hectares, only the deep plowing of 500 hectares is taking place – he said Géza Süle managing director. – We plan to finish this by the end of November.
At Mawa Kft. in Mosdós, 150 hectares of the planned 330 hectares of winter wheat sowing are left. István Keszthelyi manager said: it rained often, 150 millimeters of precipitation was recorded in 25 days, and according to the latest forecasts, 20 millimeters is expected on Tuesday as well. However, they did not despair, the weather was similar last year.

“We are slowly getting over all the important tasks and we are really looking forward to the money from the sale of corn, we sold a total of 2750 tons to two buyers,” he said Sándor Laczkovics, president of the Barátság cooperative in Magyaratád. – According to the agreement, the transfer will be made in two installments, the first will be received by November 30, the second by December 15. We have more expenses, we are building a new roof at the grain storage, we started the HUF 115 million work this year and will finish it by the beginning of 2024 at the latest. The investment is realized with support, own funds and loans, so all income is important.

Zoltán Madarász, the president of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) in Somogy, said that the harvesting of almost 60,000 hectares of corn is still taking place, and roughly five percent of the crop is standing. The frequent rain hampered the work, and it was difficult for the producers to work in the deeper areas. In addition, storage problems due to unsold grain stocks were also a difficulty.
The roughly 3,000 hectares of sugar beet are also being delivered to the Kaposvár sugar factory. In Somogy, autumn sowing was planned on 73,000 hectares, which was completed on almost 71,500 hectares. Soil preparation – under those for spring sowing – provides work on nearly 90,000 hectares, 20 percent of the tasks have been completed.

There is not much time to rest, work must continue
The people of Magyaratá achieved an average yield of 8-12 tons per hectare for the corn grown on 300 hectares. Although the same seed and technology were used almost everywhere, the weather had previously crossed the team several times, which was reflected in the crop results. The price of sunflower was depressed, they had been waiting for the sale since September and in mid-November – for almost HUF 130,000 per ton – the 215 tons of goods were put on the market. In addition to the 170 hectares of winter wheat, the company also sowed rapeseed on 55 hectares, and they have completed 85 hectares of wage labor.

– Autumn deep plowing is now on the agenda, we have completed 80 hectares of the 270 hectares – said Sándor Laczkovics. – The rain stopped the work several times, 85 millimeters of rain fell so far in November, there was a day when we measured 33.5 millimeters. The work depends on the weather.

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