Instead of a charity ball, it was a successful gathering of friends


The main directors of the ball were very excited

Renáta Bórné Kapás, as the mastermind, experienced perhaps the most exciting week of her life before the ball.

– I didn’t even think how much of a burden it would be to organize such an event, but it was worth it. Anyway, I’m an anxious type, but now I’ve slowly become immune, so much has happened around me in the previous days.

Gábor Bor and Roland Eper
Photo: Tamás Balogh

Tonight, I pressed for as many people as possible to come, to ensure their intention to help with their personal participation. Thank God I haven’t been part of this yet, but for Katica, with whom we have been friends for twenty years, it was worth accepting. I made the right decision to take it on, because we were able to collect HUF 1,980,000 for our girlfriend! I’m happy about it.

For Kornélia Szloboda Rauf, the many guests at the prom are nothing new, as she serves them with the team of the local Bistro on the other days. Said:

– Today’s ball is very important to us, because we organized it to help our best friend. We did everything we could to make it a successful gathering. We received a lot of support, which we will pass on to him. I am satisfied with our event.

The Wolf Family
Photo: Tamás Balogh

They were a guarantee of a good mood

The first sponsor of the event was the Szamaras band. They provided the biggest guarantee that this would be a ball with a good atmosphere. I heard this from their leader, Csaba Horváth:

– There was no question whether we should join. We gladly support events that are organized for a good cause. It also touches our hearts when someone is struggling with difficult problems. Knowing the people living in the area, I can say that sava-borsa has arrived at our party. They love and know how to have fun and dance in a cultured way, they enjoy playing music. We offered our music for a good cause, which the audience gladly used. We hope that the contribution of all participants will bring good results, that Katica will benefit from it and that she will return to us after her recovery!

The Szamaras band (from left to right) Csaba Horváth, János Firko, Norbert Farkas
Photo: Tamás Balogh

They talked with friends:

Gábor Bor:

– For us, this is a real family event, as my wife, Renáta Borné Kapás, took over the organization of the ball. My role was to help as much as I could – and I did it in order to succeed. I am very happy that so many people came together and we spent our evening in a friendly atmosphere for a good cause.

The note was spoken
Photo: Tamás Balogh

Strawberry Roland:

– This is a good little ball, with a great band and nice guests, but I didn’t come to have fun, but to help. I feel honored to be able to represent ZOO Löőszállás at such an event. Many people jokingly approach me to ask about Jamal, our new two-humped camel. In such cases, I quickly tell you my good news about him, and also that he is not a cold animal. After that, we continue to talk privately.

László Farkas, who came with his whole family, is the dominant greengrocer of the area. It is true that he is a resident of Dunaföldvár, but he participates in the local public life even if he is a boarding passer. He emphasized:

– I’ve been here for almost ten years now, we’ve gotten to know each other with the people from the accommodation and the surrounding area. I’m generally aware of what’s going on here, and I’m happy to help out with my tools where I can.

I also know Katica personally, and I am very sorry that she is in such a difficult situation. There is nothing we can do here, other than to support her as soon as possible. That’s why we came from a family background with my daughter and my wife, and my son as the band’s drummer.

It gives me a good feeling that so many good people came together for this occasion. I see that everyone feels the situation of Katica and therefore, although she is having a good time here at the ball, she does not indulge too much.

Móni Szabó and Mihály Suplicz
Photo: Tamás Balogh

Now they came as civilians

Mihály Suplicz, a recognized figure in the folk dance world of the region with numerous awards, came to the ball with his partner, Móni Szabó. He was the first to tell us:

– I think today the dance virtuoso appeared with me at the ball, so he will adapt his steps to me, since we will be dancing today too! I am a fan of dancing and therefore it is an experience for me every time. I also like to watch, for example, when my love dances. By the way, I can choose the dancer separately from the very likable civilian person known to everyone. I fell in love with the latter. (He told his thoughts with a sigh and a laugh.)

Mihály Suplicz talked to us with the seriousness that befits him:

– On our part, everything is fine, we came to this ball prepared. I’m sure we’ll be in the mood to dance, because the Szamaras band plays music in a way that I especially like, and now I can say that we have a good working relationship.

What brought us here? We are worried about Katica, and with this participation we want to support her recovery. We know him from several directions, on the one hand from the dance ranks, and on the other hand from his wonderful handicraft work. It is only natural when we encounter such an invitation, then there is no fairy tale, we have to do something in the way we have!

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