November 21: presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the church


The Catholic Church regards the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, with special respect. This respect is also reflected in the fact that the Church has included all the important milestones in Mary’s life in the list of holidays. The events of Mária’s life are associated with various main holidays, holidays, and memorial days.

The Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin is the anniversary of the consecration of the Church of Mary in Jerusalem. Recorded in the Érdy Codex as “The Presentation of Our Lady in the Church”, the penultimate feast of Mary of the year, liturgically known as “praesentatio Beatae Mariae Virginis”.

Presentation of Mary in the church by Giotto di Bondone (around 1304-1306) (Photo: Wikipedia)

We can read very little about the life of the Holy Virgin in the Holy Scriptures. For a long time, no children were born from the marriage of Joachim and Anna. Ms. Anna made a vow that she would dedicate her unborn child to the Lord. In an apocryphal document, the early Gospel of James, we hear that Mary was taken to the church when she was three years old and lived there for eight years. According to Josephus Flavius ​​(AD 37-100), Jewish historian, this temple service also meant a vow of virginity.

At the instigation of the Holy Spirit, the child Mary offered herself to God, whose grace filled her from the moment of her immaculate conception.

The first emperor Justinian had a church built near the Old Testament church on the supposed site of the Virgin’s birth. This Church of the New Mary, the Church of the Presentation, was dedicated on November 21, 543 in Jerusalem.

Guido Reni Presentation of Mary in the church (1609-11) (Photo: Wikipedia)

Although the church was destroyed by the storm of history, the memorial day survived. In Constantinople in the VIII. celebrated since the century. The Pray Codex already recognizes the holiday around 1200, but it did not appear in Italy until around 1371. XI. Pope Gregory introduced it in the court of Avignon in the XIV. century. In 1585, Pope Sixtus V prescribed it for the entire Roman Church. This holiday is the main holiday of the Benedictine Oblates, as Mary was also an Oblate, that is, dedicated to God.

As part of the Hungarian cult of Mary, before Western Christianity, as early as the 12th century. The Catholic Church has been celebrating this day since the end of the century, since III. King Béla of Hungary was raised in Byzantium, and from there he brought with him the celebration of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin.

“Oh, dear brothers and sisters, if I could express the dignity of this holy day today, it is certainly not inferior to the other feasts of our Lady Mary. Because on this day, his holy nature was revealed to the world for the first time, when his holy parents took him up in the temple of the Lord God. Who would have thought that the son of the supreme creator Lord God would have a temple. I told them, in the school of the Holy Spirit, that all these would be mistresses to the worldly saved peoples, I said, in the convent of virgins, that they would live there in spotless purity for a long time, feed on livestock, learn human virtue, and learn needlework, with whom they would earn their living after that, and their house feed his people. Above all, he desires to learn God’s plan, commandments, and scriptures, because of which he can praise God, serve him, and save himself. – can be read in the largest collection of medieval Hungarian legends, the Érdy Codex, which was created between 1524 and 1527 and is the most extensive Hungarian language record, containing 334 letters.

Presentation of the Child Mary in the church, icon (Photo: Wikipedia)

While the Hungarian language memory of the Lobkowitz Codex, also written in the early 1500s, writes about the holiday: “May you be a glorious beauty, a star brighter than the sun, a loving mother of God, sweeter than honey, redder than a rose, headier than a lily, all good things adorn you, all saints respect you, to the highest heaven.”

Source:; Sándor Bálint: Holiday Calendar

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