The champion of low prices: in October, the Price Watcher’s basket was the cheapest at Lidl*

The champion of low prices: in October, the Price Watcher’s basket was the cheapest at Lidl*
The champion of low prices: in October, the Price Watcher’s basket was the cheapest at Lidl*

In the course of this year, the store chain has already taken a number of steps in order to pass on to its customers the price advantage resulting from more favorable purchasing options and beyond. They will continue their price reduction program in the future, continuing to work to provide customers with the best possible prices as well as the highest quality products.

It is also the cheapest in October

As a market-leading supermarket chain, Lidl is committed to providing its customers with the best quality and the best prices in every case. Nothing shows this better than the fact that the Price Watcher’s basket was the cheapest at Lidl in October on average, based on the unit price of the products.

What exactly does this mean? From the 62 product categories displayed in the Price Monitor, the unit prices of the most affordable products uploaded by the store chains, available to everyone nationally (that is, not only with a discounted price valid with the loyalty card), were aggregated daily. The daily basket value obtained in this way was the lowest in October at Lidl.

Continuous price reductions

Lidl recently decided to permanently reduce the price of 30 types of fresh Hungarian poultry meat from the end of October, so that, among other things, the fresh meats that are popular in Hungarian households, such as turkey, chicken or duck, can be obtained more favorably, but GMO-free poultry products can also be added to the customer’s basket cheaper, with a discount exceeding 10%.

As part of the Shop of the Year competition, according to the latest provision of the supermarket chain chosen as the Fresh Pékáru Merchant of the Year, even a quarter of the range of bakery products has become cheaper, for several products we can talk about a price reduction of up to 15%, so dozens of the extremely wide, fresh, quality range are already it has been available for more than a week at even better prices than before.

The company’s goal with these measures is to keep inflation to a minimum and provide its customers with the best possible prices. As part of the price reduction program, the prices of more than 600 products have become more favorable since January.

Promotions renewed every week

In addition to the discounts that vary weekly, Lidl ensures cost-effective shopping for its customers with additional promotions: in the framework of its “Többet adunk” campaign, it helps Hungarian families reduce their expenses with a 20-50% discount instead of the mandatory 15%. Thanks to its digital loyalty program, users of the Lidl Plus application can reduce the financial burden of their shopping with coupons entitling them to an additional 10-12 discounts and other discounts per week.

Lidl stores offer fish Fridays every Friday to customers, who receive a 15% discount on the price of fresh fish.

In addition to low prices and long-term and immediate price reductions, the store chain offers its customers weekly discounts, own-brand products, XXL-packaged goods, and prices matching last year’s prices.

*During the creation of the daily basket of the Price Monitor a in the GVH Price Monitor ( out of the 62 product categories displayed, we took into account all those that were available at all obliged store chains that day. In the given category, the unit prices of the most favorable products available to everyone nationally (i.e. not only valid with a loyalty card) were aggregated per store chain in October, and the average of the daily basket values ​​obtained in this way was the lowest for us in October. During the average calculation, non-working days and days affected by technical errors were not taken into account, and during the calculation we used only the unit prices of the products, regardless of the packaging of the products.

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