Zsolt Palotai’s friend spoke: 3 days before the DJ’s death, he couldn’t even get out of bed

Zsolt Palotai’s friend spoke: 3 days before the DJ’s death, he couldn’t even get out of bed
Zsolt Palotai’s friend spoke: 3 days before the DJ’s death, he couldn’t even get out of bed

As previously reported by BudaPestkörnyeke.hu, DJ Palotai, the best-known Hungarian disc jockey of the underground, has died at the age of 62. He has been an important figure in Hungarian music since the early nineties. His death surprised everyone, now it turned out that the disc jockey had been ill for days.

Tilos was the leader of Á

During the regime change, Tilos was the artistic director of the Á Klub and then the chief music editor of Tilos Rádió. His father was the Olympic champion soccer player and referee, Károly Palotai, who died five years ago. You can access the latest news from BudaPestkörnyeke.hu by clicking here.

The mayor says goodbye

“On Saturday, I was no longer able to hand over the Pro Cultura Urbis award to him personally, but today we unfortunately know why. Zsolt Palotai, i.e. DJ Palotai, died at the age of 62. He was an influential figure in underground music in Budapest, one of the pioneers of electronic music, drum and bass and breakbeat in Hungary, the former artistic director of Tilos az Á, and the founder of Tilos Rádió. Rest in peace!” Gergely Karácsony wrote on his social media page on Sunday.

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The colleague spoke

Zsolt Palotai’s disc jockey colleague Sobek shared a Friday message exchange between him and Zsolt Palotai in an Instagram story available for 24 hours.

He became seriously ill

It turned out that the legendary DJ was very sick three days before his death and could not even get out of bed. Because of this, not only was he unable to receive the recognition he received from Budapest on Saturday, but he was also forced to cancel his performance scheduled for last night at the reopening Merlin Theater between 8 and 10 p.m.

“No Future”

The last interview with the disc jockey was published on RTL.hu just a few days ago. Among other things, Palotai said that the listener feels that there is no future from today’s music, so they are much sadder than, say, the music of the 2000s, but this dark mood is not only characteristic of music.

He waited for time to pass

“I always thought that three things would never change in my life: the system, the Russians, and the weather. When people ask what we did before ’89, I usually say that we waited for time to pass. It’s as if I still feel this now,” he said.

“We can’t see the light”

“The difference is that even though I thought it would never change, it was always a little bit better, so we got out of it. Now we are still going inward and we don’t see the end, but almost nothing, so not even the light at the end of the tunnel,” he added.

It’s a problem with the system

“What really annoys me is that it’s a deadly sin here to tell someone that you have a problem with them. Because here you have to make friends with everyone, and then they’ll fuck you in the back when you turn away,” said Palotai.

Many emigrated

In the interview, Palotai also revealed that since Tilos Rádio was connected to him, he didn’t have many opportunities to play, although this is partly due to the fact that half of his audience has now emigrated, and there are hardly any places left to play. You can access the latest news from BudaPestkörnyeke.hu by clicking here.

Featured image: DJ Palotai – Source: Facebook

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