Immediate lifeline of nearly 3 million for TIAC – they “made a mistake” in 2021

Immediate lifeline of nearly 3 million for TIAC – they “made a mistake” in 2021
Immediate lifeline of nearly 3 million for TIAC – they “made a mistake” in 2021

Only one item on the agenda was discussed and accepted unanimously, without debates or objections, by the city’s representative body at this morning’s extraordinary meeting. This, however, was particularly urgent. Extraordinary and quick financial support from the representatives and the city was necessary, because the surface of the “small artificial grass field” next to the gymnasium, despite the provisions of the awarded 10 million TAO tender, was not 50, but only 40 mm artificial grass. during the previous leadership of the submitter TIAC in December 2021. When MLSZ asked for it in July of this year, no one could adequately account for the cheapened technical content.

At the extraordinary meeting, the board decided to give way to the request of the current management and provide financial resources in the amount of nearly HUF 3 million (HUF 2,925,000) to the Tapolca Youth Athletic Club City Sports Association, so that the association meets its repayment obligation resulting from faulty performance be able to do It is a history that in July of this year, the MLSZ approached the association with a gap filling document in connection with an invoice, in which a justification was requested for the reason for the installation of 40 mm instead of 50 mm artificial grass. (Gabor Takács during his presidency, the contractor completed the investment by December 2021, the association paid the entire amount in two installments according to the contract. The head of the association reported all this to the MLSZ on 02.09.2022, attaching the necessary documents.) During the multi-round gap filling process, TIAC, now Károly Redli under the leadership of the president, recently officially approached the contractor in order to clarify the matter, but he did not receive an acceptable explanation (for MLSZ). The Hungarian Football Association thus determined the reduction of the technical content, as a consequence of which it imposed a proportional repayment obligation on the association with a deadline of only five days. Your payment is due on 18.09.2023 (today). If the repayment does not take place, the proposal states, NAV will collect it together with punitive interest, TIAC will be excluded from the TAO support system, and partly as a consequence of this, the operation of the long-established Tapolca sports association will also become impossible. It was said that if the “damage” is repaid, or partially repaid, the association must pay back the support to the city coffers. /Töreky L./

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