Weekly love horoscope, September 18-24, 2023: The heart of Libra in the couple is in danger, they make Sagittarius incredibly happy

Weekly love horoscope, September 18-24, 2023: The heart of Libra in the couple is in danger, they make Sagittarius incredibly happy
Weekly love horoscope, September 18-24, 2023: The heart of Libra in the couple is in danger, they make Sagittarius incredibly happy

Hello Cosmo Girl! Are you wondering what awaits you in love this week? Check your weekly love horoscope with us!

THE weekly love horoscope According to him, singles find love, while couples consider breaking up. Scroll quickly to your zodiac sign so you don’t miss important information!


This week, your self-esteem is unexpectedly strengthened and you ask yourself the question: why am i still in this relationship? You suddenly come face to face with the events of the past period, your boyfriend’s behavior, and you ponder thoroughly on what to do next. A new romantic chapter begins in the lives of the singles.


Do you realize that you are in a toxic relationship, but at least think “I don’t deserve this”? Then in a few days you can easily come to the conclusion: it’s time to end it. As scary as breaking up is, maybe this is exactly what you need right now! The singles will shine all week, all eyes will be on them!


In love, especially at the beginning of a new relationship, it can easily happen that you adapt to your love or allow him things that you might not even want. This week, however, you can satisfy this and decide: it’s time to balance things out or end it all.


You feel like you get everything you want from your boyfriend, but you’re still unhappy because you can’t be yourself around him, or you’ve forgotten about your real desires. It’s time to spread your cards, dear Cancer, and change the relationship in a way that’s good for you too. And some singles’ hearts may be drawn back to their ex, even though it would be better to avoid him!


It seems more and more that your man is not supporting you and you are not getting what you want from him. If you still have patience for him, talk to him about it, but if you suddenly feel that the glass is full, then say goodbye to him. Single Leos, on the other hand, meet someone who satisfies all their romantic desires.


All astrological influences right now are pushing you to focus on your long-term goals in love and relationships. So don’t give up your desire if you want marriage or children, but talk about it with your boyfriend, who, on the other hand, if he still doesn’t accept either, you should think about the fate of your relationship.


If your current love can’t respect your needs and isn’t the person you really want, the universe will direct you to someone else who can grant your every desire. In other words, there will be Libras whose hearts are stolen by another guy, who makes them consider breaking up. A new love may burst into the lives of single people this week.


Get ready for a romantic start, either in your existing relationship or in a completely new relationship. Everything will change as you sensed beforehand. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus encourages you to focus on the basics of your relationship and balance the give-and-take while making positive changes for the future.


You think a lot about how to improve your love life with Mr. Big. It would be best if you thought about this with him. If you want to continue, you both have to work hard. There is a good chance that your love is willing to take your relationship to a new level, while singles can also find the right one.


You have to realize: you can’t make a relationship work by will alone. If your man is not willing to put the same amount into the relationship, you should think about moving on. Singles can meet someone at work or deepen their bond with a colleague.


You are a little afraid that the past will repeat itself, so you do not dare to surrender yourself to a new love, or you simply see in your current relationship that it will meet the fate of the previous one. The key this week is courage. As a single Aquarius, dare to take the initiative, and as a couple, pour your heart out to your loved one.


Letting go is never easy, but it is always necessary for a new relationship, or even to raise it to a new level within the existing one. Instead of focusing on letting go, see it as a chance for a much better relationship with your love, or if not next to him, but on the other side of him, you can find happiness.

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