The actors also marveled at the renovated theater in Debrecen


The Csokonai National Theater company held a season-opening company meeting open to the press on September 9 on the theater’s main stage. Almost an hour before the event, the artists and technical workers gathered and happily talked about their summer experiences and family. The staff member of Cívishír also visited the renovated building of the theater inside and out, and met many actors, who also marveled at the aubergine, gold and white color dominated theater hall, corridor, buffets.

Ráckeve Anna before the entrance to the auditorium, we asked how you see your renewed workplace?

“I walk around with my mouth open!” I have already been on a few tours, but to see it like this, in all its beauty, is a miracle. I just looked at the new buffet, which is very important to us; and the auditorium, the stage, the lobby, the dressing rooms are all very beautiful. I don’t know the big stage, the new technique yet, I haven’t worked there yet. The first presentation will be an opera, but next week we will start rehearsing for the opening gala, then I will also have a little insight into how it all works technically – answered the actress, who joined her arriving colleagues.

The auditorium on the ground floor was filled with actors, who continued their experiences in small groups, got to know new colleagues or exchanged phone messages with acquaintances. In the meantime, the leaders of the city and the theater occupied the chairs in front of the stage curtain, and after the joint singing of the National Anthem, Szabolcs Mátyássy, the new director of the theater, introduced himself and those sitting on the pulpit, Deputy Mayor István Puskás, artistic director István K. Szabó, Somogyi-Tóth Dániel, head of the theater’s opera department, Zsófia Nemes, head of the dance department, and Andrea Malik, head of organization and communication.

– Seven years ago, my life completely turned around in five days: I started a new job abroad, got married and completed my habilitation at the university. The life of the Csokonai Theater also turned around last year, when we handed over the Csokonai Forum at the beginning of the season, the theater became a new manager, and the theater was completely renovated, which the audience can take possession of in a week – he compared it to the huge transformation of his life at the Csokonai National Theater what happened in the past year and its significance at the beginning of his greeting István Puskás. The deputy mayor said that the next season will also be exciting, as it is necessary to experience what the building can do, what the new management of the theater can offer the people of Debrecen, whether it will be a successful coexistence with the audience of the city of Debrecen. He explained that this is the first season after 2020 when they do not have to face extraordinary situations. It is true that the year 2019 is not expected to return for a few more years, but they can look forward to the season more optimistically.

– Debrecen is committed to the theatre. It provides the best possible conditions for serene creative work. The theater opens on September 17, and October 7 is the day of the first premiere

– continued István Puskás, who ended his thoughts with another investment that positively influenced the lives of actors: – Renovation of the actor’s house is plannedand we will find a solution, that in the next two or three years new circumstances await those who voted for Debrecen and want to become part of the Debrecen community.

Szabolcs Mátyássy The theater director made a promise to comply with the promise made in his management application, and then explained that the two buildings of the Csokonai National Theater can seat up to 1,500 people at the same time in the evening. He continued by saying that Debrecen is now definitely the second capital of the country, and this also holds huge opportunities for the theater. In a unique way in the country, the city spent HUF 21 billion on the two theater buildings. – To do this, you have to grow up, change your image, create a ticket and season ticket system – he spoke about the prospects before them, and then went on to say that a change of director always involves uncertainty. At the same time, he asked for the trust of his colleagues so that he and his fellow managers could operate a safe and predictable theater. He applied for fifty new statuses and received 51 from the city. Compared to the previous season, he said goodbye to three or four people. He emphasized that everyone should have a year to decide whether they want to work here and also to get to know each other. – Our pass system is up and running, we have developed a functioning ticket system. In the nationally classified theatre, the three divisions are justified. In addition to strengthening prose, we aimed to create an opera department.

The first show on October 7 is Puccini Bohemian life will have a presentation entitled

Our dance department was established, the majority of its members are Spanish and Italian artists. Their presence further strengthens Debrecen’s multicultural existence, said the theater director.

Artistic director István K. Szabó spoke about the content of the theaters. He emphasized that the prerequisites for creative work are talent, humility and love. He came to Debrecen to build a community. There will be nearly 300 people in the theater, which is a big family, a sensitive community; and their task is to unite, maintain this and give meaning to their activities. The primary goal is to create quality content so that they can continue to develop professionally. He is confident that he will invite directors who can pay attention to the cast and performance. He tries to know the schedule two months in advance. He does everything to ensure that they have a planable and exciting life. Colleagues will also arrive during the year: he wants to increase the permanent staff of the association to 35 people. Within two or three years, he wants to make Debrecen one of the largest companies in the country. At the same time, the technical staff also needs to be developed, and here, too, he strives for quality.

After the season opening company meeting, István Szabó K. was asked by Cívishír about the shows of the season.

– The presentation of Bohémélet will take place on October 7 in the Csokonai Theatre. In the same place, we are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Csokonai with a complex three-day event, during which on November 17 we will present the Dorothy the Csokonai work. After that, also in the theater My lord, citizenwe will have a presentation at the end of January. And at the end of April Devils we are having a presentation of the play The Trojan Women its presentation will also take place in March, but already at the Forum, on the Latinovits stage. It’s there too Alice in Wonderland at the end of March and Maria de Buenos Aires performance in April. There will also be presentations at the Árpád Studio in Kóti. Stories of the body (III-IV.) on October 2, at the beginning of the season. However, before that, on September 13, the Cyber ​​Cyrano. They don’t exist on January 12, a Dangerous conditions and in February and at the beginning of May Jákobi and Lájdentál we present a game.

– CH –

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