the world’s best sherpas race towards him, but today they cannot reach the Hungarian climber

the world’s best sherpas race towards him, but today they cannot reach the Hungarian climber
the world’s best sherpas race towards him, but today they cannot reach the Hungarian climber

They are terribly fast, that’s all I can say – this is what László Pintér told Világgazdaság on Friday, just before 4 p.m. Our newspaper asked Suhajda Szilárd, the communications manager for the summit attack on Mount Everest, about the current location of the rescue team that set off on Friday morning.

An earlier snapshot of Mount Everest’s climate (Photo: Suhajda Szilárd / Facebook, illustration)

László Pintér stated that their estimate of the time of arrival is not public, and they do not wish to provide details about where the rescue team is currently going. Detailed information will be released when the backup is complete.

We are aware of the high level of interest, and respectfully ask everyone for patience. You have to understand that this is a longer mission that takes many hours. You can’t “jump off the mountain” every three minutes

he said. At the same time, he also indicated that official information will almost certainly not be released today, this may happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the earliest. Thus, the expectations that the mission could reach its destination this evening have certainly turned out to be overly optimistic. The specialist also revealed the background of this.

Basically, under normal conditions, climbing Mount Everest takes four full days. From the base camp (5,344 meters), they reach Camp 2 (6,400 meters) in one day, from there it takes another day to Camp 3 (7,163 meters), from which Camp 4 (7,950 meters) takes only one day. This is where the summit attack starts, for which a day is again set aside. In other words, it takes a total of four full days to climb from the base camp to the highest point in the world.

World-class Sherpas would save Szilárd Suhajda

The rescue expedition sent for Suhajda Szilárd left on the morning of Friday, May 26. A lot depends on the weather, but it is certain that they do not need four days to reach the 8,780-meter height of the Hungarian climber. On the one hand, it was not because the members of the team were taken by helicopter to Camp 2, from where the action was launched. On the other hand, they are very fast, they do not climb at a normal pace.

According to László Pintér, all three Sherpas are world-class, the most professional Sherpas in the world,

who are rested, fresh, experienced 8,000-meter mountain guides. “The project is in the best hands from this point of view,” he underlined. At the same time, it is a fact that Szilárd Suhajda is currently spending his third night in the death zone (according to Nepali time, it has already gotten dark on the mountain). In essence, it is indescribable what kind of load, practically unbearable load this is on the human body. At that height, there can be an icy wind of 40-50 kilometers per hour, the temperature has dropped below minus 30 degrees, and the feeling of heat is even lower. In other words, the conditions are far from optimal.

László Pintér also did not reveal what would happen if the rescue team reached Szilárd Suhajda. “For now, the goal is to get there. All other decisions will follow after that,” he concluded his statement to Világgazdaság.

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