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A total of eight celebrities will appear on the dating show.

TV viewers will soon be able to meet a new dating program on RTL screens, as the Celebratory reality, where domestic stars will meet civilians.

A total of eight celebrities try to find love, of which Fecó Frohner and Vanda Schumacher were the first to reveal their secrets. Now we can get to know two more names:

György Köcse is looking for the right partner after his marriage with Stana Alexandra, which ended after 5 months. According to the dancer, it is more difficult to get to know him as a well-known person, but he is confident that he will find a lady who has independent opinions and goals.

“He definitely gives himself, I don’t think he needs to play any kind of artificial character. Appearance is important, but I believe in energies.”

Titanilla Bogdányi longs for a brown-haired, brown-eyed knight with some kind of facial hair who will sweep her off her feet right away – or a man with whom she feels safe. It is important for the actress to be able to look up to her chosen one and that they can build each other up.

“In every way, I need a person by my side, and I also need a person by my side, who experiences his emotions at a thousand degrees, both the heights and the depths, and is full of heart,” he said about the ideal partner.

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