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The District Prosecutor’s Office of Szeged appealed against the first-instance verdict in the KSE trial, in the case of Zoltán F. due to wrong classification, and in the case of Attila Vörösmarty in order to establish his guilt. At Thursday’s general meeting, József Király, the representative of the Association, stated that everyone should learn the lesson, “just like the city administration, as well as all other employees active in sports”.
As we reported, on May 18 the verdict was handed down at first instance at the Szeged District Court in Kecskemét with KSE Kft in a related criminal case.
The court convicted the former city president and faction leader of Fidesz, the company’s former marketing director, Attila Vörösmarty in the absence of proof, he acquitted the others, the managing director of KSE, Zoltán Fthe accountant and the head of the three invoicing companies – including a former national team handball player, M. Richard – sentenced him to a suspended prison sentence the crime of continuous misappropriation and for the misdemeanor of using a false private document.

Judgment announcement in the KSE trial / Photo: István Hraskó

Attila Vörösmarty accepted the decision, the first- and third-order defendants, F. Zoltán and K. Marta appealed for acquittal or mitigation, the other defendants present (M. Richárd and H. József) and the prosecutor, dr. Tamás Kakuja and asked for three days to decide whether to accept the court’s verdict or file an appeal.

We contacted him this week Csongrád-Csanád County Prosecutor’s Office, how the prosecution decided on the issue. As it turned out, Zoltán F. and Attila Vörösmarty were appealed.
“The District Prosecutor’s Office of Szeged has announced an appeal against the verdict in the case indicated in their request, against the burden of the first-order defendant of the case, due to wrong classification, and the burden of the second-order defendant of the case, in order to establish his guilt” he announced dr. Flora Saághydeputy press spokesperson.

It is therefore certain that the criminal trial will continue in relation to Zoltán F., Attila Vörösmarty and Márta K. We did not find out what the executive meant by “wrong classification”, but it is clear that the prosecution does not agree with the acquittal in the case of Attila Vörösmarty.

Prosecutor Dr. Tamás Kakuja / Photo: István Hraskó

Since it was possible to appeal until Tuesday, that day we wrote a Szeged Court of Justice also, what is the situation with the three other defendants, the managers of the invoicing companies, did they appeal in the end, but on Thursday they strangely replied that it had not been decided yet: “Given that in the criminal case affected by the request, the deadline for submitting legal remedies against the final decision has not yet expired for all participants in the proceedings, the question posed in the request can only be answered fully after the appeal deadline has passed.”

After the agenda at the general meeting

In his speech after the agenda of the KSE-pert József Királythe Association for the Famous City Association his representative also brought it up at Thursday’s board meeting.

József Király / Photo:

“During the long series of trials, the court heard nearly eighty witnesses. However, from these testimonies, we could also get an idea of ​​how many other people could have been responsible for this case besides the six defendants. With the right to the last word, this was confirmed by several defendants, because according to their statement, the limited liability company those involved in its operation are also responsible for the fact that this company has reached this point. Thus, among others, the mayor and his deputies at the time, the relevant departments of the City Hall, the supervisory board, and the employees in the limited liability company, through whose hands these invoices and payments passed. However, it was not revealed in court where and to whom the paid amounts went” József Király said. He stated: the verdict came from the side of the court, and the sport in Kecskemét has suffered in the last ten years. According to the representative of the Association, the lesson should be learned by everyone, “as well as to the city administration, as well as to all other employees active in sports, and this is a warning sign to our sports institutions operating with the support of the city, such as Hírös Sport Nonprofit Kft. and the Kecskemét Sports School”.
No one spoke to the topic.

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