Life is precious, time should be spent well

Life is precious, time should be spent well
Life is precious, time should be spent well

It only exists in our hearts,” said a visibly broken Zelenskiy, after the news broke (who knows how many times) that Wagner had hired Bahmut over the weekend. Officially, it took 224 days for the (said to be) second strongest army in the world to occupy a city of 70,000. It doesn’t really matter whether this is a lot or a little, he writes in his foreign policy note Krisztián Pomichalwho believes that there will probably be no change in the course of the war.

More than a year since inflation started to soar, the cost of weddings has also increased, especially for food, drinks and decorations. Photographer, videographer, groomsman, flower girl. These are all part of a proper wedding these days. However, there are couples who try to save on this. For example, by making the videos themselves, using mobile phones. The groomsman we interviewed told us that since the epidemic, he has noticed more thoughtfulness in decorations. Julia B. Vida: Together, life is a sweet dream…

A hearing-impaired artist who is successful in the international field. This year, he was selected for the Edelstoff contemporary design fair in Vienna, where he could exhibit his latest works between May 6 and 7. He talked with graphic artist Zsuzsa Király Balla Rita.

From Dusted Histories, we learn what complications can arise around a painting if the creators are mixed up. Géza Mészöly or Camille Corot?

Our past article is Hero of Two Nations: General Kmety. György Kmety, one of the outstanding generals of the 1848-1849 War of Independence, was born two hundred and ten years ago. As an independent division commander, he excelled in the summer campaign of 1849, he won against the imperialists at Csorna, and he also fought against them in the last battle on the main battlefield. Kmety, who was a bachelor until his death, was revered by the Turks as Ismail Pasha, the defender of the Kars fortress, so two nations count the son of Upper Hungary among their heroes, he writes Zoltán Babucs military historian.

Long preparatory work preceded the establishment of the first Hungarian professional organization in the highlands, which primarily aims to help professional musicians. The civic association not only brings together representatives of various musical styles, but also provides a place for event organizers and players in the event technology sector. At the founding session of Harmónia Musica Gergely Lacza went.

A wheat consecration ceremony from the Carpathian basin was held in Hanva, he writes Tamás Virsinszky. The opening event of the Bread of Magyars – 15 million grains of wheat program is held in a different foreign region every year, thereby strengthening the idea of ​​togetherness and solidarity. This year, the choice fell on Hanvá, the organization was jointly undertaken by the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and the Gazda Polgári Társulás with the local Agrárius Kft.

The members of the Civil Association of the Slovak Civil Order of Honor, which has been operating since 2014, presented the Slovak Civil Order of Honor award for the first time in April 2015 at the Palace of Culture in Komárom. Since then, in the spirit of the motto Virtue and example, every spring, those who have become an example to be followed with their work for our community have been recognized in this way. Based on the decision of their board of trustees, this year Lajos Ladányi and Örs Orosz received this honor, we know Ildikó Nagy-Miskó from his report.

The chapel of the Boldog Sára Salkaházi Egyházi School Center in Szepis was consecrated, and the memorial plaque of Count János Esterházy was blessed. Cardinal Péter Erdő said that Blessed Sára Salkaházi and the servant of God, Count János Esterházy should be our role models and intercessors, it can be read Gergely Fábian in his reporting.

Even today, there are still a lot of white spots in our history, the removal of which is certainly a great challenge for historians. László Endre Varga also undertook to uncover such a silent series of events in his voluminous volume of documents entitled Két jóbarát – Sources and documents for Hungarian-Polish political and military relations 1918–1920. Eva Dunajszky: Polish and Hungarian are two good friends

Culture knows no boundaries. This is well demonstrated by the Folk Craftsmen’s Association of Palócföld in Hungary, which also has members from the highlands. The association celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On the 5th of May, together with the staff of the Nógrád Museum and Gallery in Losonc, the celebratory exhibition presenting the results of twenty years was opened under the title “Treasures of Crooked Country”. He reports on this Emese Agócs Svorák In his article Hátaralan Palócföld.

The historical promenade in Léva, which was created during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the end of the 19th century, can now be visited, and its revitalization was completed in May this year.

The master of Hungarian tulip knives, Péter Szabados, lives in Felsőszeli. He wrote about it Andrea Szomolai. His interest was also piqued because there are legends about Szeli knives, the rumor lives on to this day: every normal Szeli child (in the Mátyusföld vernacular it means boy) has at least one knife in his pocket.

The Komp café in Párkán is the town’s iconic meeting place. There is also a well-located festival venue behind the café next to the Danube Promenade, where in the summer there is also a cocktail bar with a wonderful view of the Esztergom Basilica. The history of the restaurant is not everyday, he writes Klara Bokerwho talked to the owner, Anna Meleg.

The construction works of the public road connecting Nagygérest with Nagyrozvágy in Hungary have started recently. During the summer, the 37 existing crossings on the common border section of Slovakia and Hungary will be expanded by one more, writes Gabriella Molnár.

The Ma7 portal was one of the first to report that Lajos Papp of Madar origin became the first professional MMA of the Wolf Fight Club in Komárom. The protégé of coach Péter Farkas also ran a good career as an amateur, and his record among the professionals is flawless so far. László Kocur: Preparation took away the thesis

Dill sauce with grilled pork tenderloin, cottage cheese pastry baskets in the Íz-lelo Iron Laura from your kitchen, then write your experiences about the Kia Sorento 1.6 T-GDi PHEV Platinum, the current top model Gyula Vas.

In the past week, the entire sports world turned its head to the feat of a young Hungarian tennis player. Fábián Marozsán, beating future world number one Carlos Alcaraz in two sets, reached the top 16 at the clay court tennis tournament in Rome. He wrote about it in the latest issue Peter Rajkovics.

On the back cover of the 21st issue of MAGYAR7, you will find the commemorative plaques of the Petőfi House in Rimaszombat, but there is also a crossword puzzle and a detailed program. Look for it, read the paper, but it’s best to order it.


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