PRIMER declared war on dietary supplement advertisements

PRIMER declared war on dietary supplement advertisements
PRIMER declared war on dietary supplement advertisements

The Romanian Association of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (PRIMER) considers it necessary to urgently regulate the advertising of dietary supplements, after an alarming increase in the misleading and false promotion of various products.

In their announcement, they highlighted that these misleading advertisements are primarily typical of the online space, which pose a serious threat to consumers. Based on their information, although a law regarding dietary supplements was adopted two years ago, its regulations are still missing. “The effects of this can be seen in false advertising, which has already reached such proportions that it violates health safety and the boundaries of good feeling, and at the same time violates all expectations regarding advertising, posing a threat to the credibility of the entire domestic pharmaceutical industry,” says PRIMER.

In order to remedy the situation, the competent authorities are requested to resolve the situation urgently. It is recommended that several elements regulating the content of advertisements be included in the methodology of the 2021 law. It would be prohibited, among other things, to build it on the testimonies of doctors, pharmacists or well-known people, but they would also not be allowed to cite scientific research in which the given brand did not participate. The use of “miracle drug”, “revolutionary” or even “savior” type terms would also be prohibited, just as it would not be possible to refer to “the recommendation of certain medical societies” during promotion. Last but not least, they would also limit the duration of advertising clips and allow a maximum of 60 seconds.

PRIMER also wants a separate agency to be set up to pre-approve content promoting dietary supplements, with heavy fines to be imposed if the rules are broken. At the same time, he would also consider it important to strictly monitor compliance with the existing rules in order to curb the proliferation of misleading campaigns.

They see that these norms are absolutely necessary to protect the interests of consumers and to restore the image of dietary supplement manufacturers.

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