According to Manhercz, who is going to Marseille, the OSC was so good in the spring because of the Last Dance effect

According to Manhercz, who is going to Marseille, the OSC was so good in the spring because of the Last Dance effect
According to Manhercz, who is going to Marseille, the OSC was so good in the spring because of the Last Dance effect

Krisztián Manhercz leaves OSC after five seasons and moves to Marseille. Interview.

Manó also puts everything in as a farewell

We sat in the National sport with his expert writer, who is always excellent with Gábor Lakner in the stands of the OSC-Marseille Champions League match, and the writer of these lines told his colleague how much he will miss him every 10 minutes Krisztián Manhercz.

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Sometimes he uses even uglier words and the situation.

We have been following his game closely since 2012, when he was 15 years old. Now it’s 26. 11 years is 11 years. With the exception of Szolnok and Eger, he traveled around the top domestic clubs, from a promising talent everywhere, eventually he became a regular in the national team, and since the Tokyo Olympics we can count him as a world class player.

He spent five years at OSC, where he really fulfilled himself since the arrival of Dániel Varga, in the last three seasons. Against Marseille, the whole team excelled, and Manhercz played every instrument. He blocked, won the ball, controlled, scored a goal.

“The Elf is here, he’s here!” – the fans chanted after Manhercz’s goals © Varga Jennifer/OSC

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He is also leaving With Gergö Burián, the friend of the No. 3 from Újbuda agreed after the match that this was enough of a farewell match. Mano and I weren’t able to speak at the time beyond a greeting and a handshake, so we interviewed him by phone the following evening, after he announced on social media on Wednesday morning that he was signing for Marseille.

“Even if we didn’t win a trophy, everyone became a better player and a better person here Dániel Varga, OSC’s head coach, told Nemzeti Sport in a typical mannerafter Tuesday’s OSC-Marseille Champions League match. How would you sum up the three seasons you spent together in Újbuda?
Dani’s is a very good and precise wording. The last couple of months went well, which is why many people may be disappointed that it wasn’t accompanied by a gold medal. OSC has become such a team, it has become such an image of our game that many could think it was realistic before the championship final against Ferencváros, that on paper there is not as much difference between the two sides as before.
In both games of the final, the two teams went head-to-head, and both stages were close matches. We had a chance to win butFradi took advantage of that it is a team with a more routine and longer bench.

Dániel Varga and Krisztián Manhercz’s pachyderm © Jennifer Varga/OSC

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At least since March, you have consistently performed against serious rivals, which shows that there was a lot in this OSC. What do you see as the reasons for your overall great performance this spring?
We had some results in the spring that should be celebrated. This includes our rally against Brescia from a four-goal deficit to a draw, that isas we beat Vasas twice, and our game with Fradi also fits into the list. Our game was stable in these matches, all of them were matches that could have been built on in the future.
The Last Dance effect also played a role in these, as we knew that we would be playing together for the last time in these months. This knowledge gave all of us a huge motivation boost. I’m glad we got on that wave and rode it.

What was Tuesday’s CL match against Marseille like for you, which turned out to be a worthy farewell in many ways?
Everyone made the most of the gala, and we used almost all the tricks that we have used in recent years. It turned out to be a good match, OSC showed all the virtues that characterized us in our best periods.
Both our goalkeepers, Marci Lévai and Bisztró, saved a penalty each, we had fantastic individual and team performances. Everyone from 1 to 13 put themselves into it, our captain, Marci Tóth, did this from the bench, with big smiles and nods.

Manhercz’s cap number 3 will have a new owner in the OSC © Jennifer Varga/OSC

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And how did you experience the fact that you ended an important period in your life right against your next team?
It was not strange for me that I was playing against my next club. I rather approached it as if this was my last match in OSC. The league is already over for both teams, Marseille won it, we lost the final. Both associations had previously lost their chance to the Final Eight, so the match took place without real stakes. This was more apparent on defense. It’s a twist of fate that I said goodbye to the OSC just against Marseille.

You have played in OB I since the 2012/2013 season, now you will play in a foreign team for the first time. Why did you choose Marseille?
Marseille contacted me very quickly, they were extremely patient with me and called me with a fair offer. The club has been showing trend development for years, the player pool is good, the team is strong.
They are stable finalists in the Champions League, although they just missed out on the Final Eight this year. Rather, they were weaker in the BL in the fall, this was reflected in the group’s final result. Even so, the feat was in the air on their part in their match against Jug Dubrovnik, where they should have won by six, but they won by four.
But this team can realistically aim for the eight finals in the BL. The French championship has nine teams, we will have fewer games, just like in the shortened group stage of the BL. This is a blessing in a season with two World Cups. This will be a nice combination.

On Tuesday, Krisztián Manhercz celebrated his last goal in OSC © Varga Jennifer/OSC

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