Usyk-Dubois on August 12 –

After the parties could not agree, the heavyweight was retained yesterday
2023-05-26 10:25:09

2023-05-26 10:25:09 / VRRRT

After the parties could not come to an agreement, a blind bid was held yesterday for the right to organize the match between the heavyweight unified champion Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13KO) and the WBA mandatory challenger Daniel Dubois (19-1, 18KO). Queensberry Promotions, representing Dubois, offered $5,620,050, which turned out to be little compared to $8,057,000 offered by Alex Krassyuk, meaning Usyk’s promoter won the blind bid. Of this, Usyk will be hit by $6,042,750, while Dubois will be richer by $2,014,250. The match is scheduled to take place on August 12 in Wroclaw, Poland.

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I comment:

@szakika10: From Usyk’s point of view, this is easy money, he is not in danger for a moment.

Dubois will get his life’s wages, he will retire after the match.

2023-05-26 13:22:47

@butters01: Usyk is scheduled for 1 match per year.

2023-05-26 13:17:59

The only thing I regret here is that it couldn’t have been brought forward an ant? This is a week earlier than last year…

2023-05-26 13:12:43

Unworthy! If only because there is always a big slap in the air when it’s difficult, one mistake is enough and the light bulb burns out! I think Dobois has a very small chance of this, but there is! If this fool hits him and knocks Usyk out, (I’ll say it again, I wasn’t overly afraid of that) then the cheerleaders will come and say, well, that’s the great Usyk, Ukrainian fucker, isn’t it, that Fury is the king, whom Usyk has defeated so far, I understand that much etc. etc. etc…. Actually, I dare to say it boldly: Usyk is better than Dubi in everything, regardless of size! He’s not worthy of those belts, but he’s not worthy of fighting for them either! He has the right to do so! We’ll see!

2023-05-26 12:19:02

@szakika10: Dubois’ biggest money so far was at the age of 1 million. It’s double for him now.
Maybe Usyk is more popular with the Poles
Anyway, it’s a training match for Usyk if he doesn’t suddenly get old.

2023-05-26 11:41:38

@nemexpert: 6 million and 2 million dollars? Well, it’s almost a pittance for them

2023-05-26 11:06:27

Not bad money for either.

2023-05-26 11:00:58

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