A woman sued her parents because they didn’t ask her if she wanted to be born

A woman sued her parents because they didn’t ask her if she wanted to be born
A woman sued her parents because they didn’t ask her if she wanted to be born

We live in a strange world, so many saints, but the following story may open another door to madness. American TikTok user Kass Theaz’s biggest problem is that he didn’t agree to have earthlings here among us. Because, of course, existence is good and all, but is it common knowledge, for example, that a person must work in order to support himself? Well, Theaz didn’t know that and that’s why he’s really stuck. So much so he sued his own parents for giving birth to him.

Among his rock-solid arguments for suing his parents was that Thaez was unaware that he needed to grow up and work to support himself. In addition, he complained because her “terrible parents” didn’t try to contact her before she was born to find out if she really wanted to conceive.

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It’s unethical to have a child, but it’s different when you adopt…

– the grateful child justified the legitimacy of becoming her own mother, who added:

“So it’s not my fault they’re here.”

According to him, with this move, he becomes a good person, since he helps those “unfortunate ones” who were also not asked by their parents if they really wanted to be born.

Of course, there is no solution to the problem. After all, how can you contact an unborn child? Like so many others in his country, Thaez also leaves this trifle to the lawyers.

In one of his videos, he jokingly remarked: “Pregnant people should hire a psychic to connect with their unborn child and ask if they really want to be here.”

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