Saturday morning: Who wins today? musical literacy contest

Saturday morning: Who wins today? musical literacy contest
Saturday morning: Who wins today? musical literacy contest

From the May 27 broadcast.

– This year, the Össznemzeti Zárándokvonata left for Transylvania, to the Csíksomlyó farewell, MTI wrote. The trip spans four days, the climax of which is the Marian holiday in Csíksomlyó, which attracts about half a million pilgrims on Pentecost Saturday.

– Pentecost is celebrated in most countries of Europe, but different traditions are associated with it everywhere.

– IX. For the first time, Duna Médiaszolgáltató organizes the Danube Day in connection with the National Solidarity Day in the Europa Nostra award-winning Torockó in Székelyföld. The goal is to strengthen the feeling of national belonging with performances, concerts, and programs for young and old by artists from Hungarian-inhabited regions.

– For decades, it was important at Kossuth Radio that colleagues who used the Hungarian language in an exemplary manner could speak. It is no different today. The Montágh Board is working on this. The MTVA presenters, including several of our radio colleagues, were given their final microphone licenses this week.

– On Bartók Rádio, Who Wins Today? musical literacy contest.

– The old synagogue is 180 years old and the new Szeged synagogue is 120 years old. The latter is the third largest synagogue in the world after New York and Budapest. It is no coincidence that it is one of the top tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourist groups coming to Szeged. In commemoration of the double anniversary, those interested could tour both buildings.

“Let’s go hiking.” Guatemalan pyramids in prehistoric times.

– Debrecen is home to the country’s only rural amusement park, where you can take part in time travel. And on Children’s Day, they prepare family programs.

– The children can learn the basics of first aid with the help of the card game created by an ambulance officer from Szombathely. The City of Help program started 12 years ago in the county seat of Vasi, within the framework of which tens of thousands have now learned how to revive. The goal of the game presented here is to make us aware of the basic principles of first aid at a young age.

– The “Blood Knights”, Hungary’s only voluntary emergency blood transport community, were founded three years ago. Their mission is of the utmost importance, because in any hospital there may be times when a special blood product that cannot be stored under hospital conditions is needed. This is when an emergency blood transfusion takes place.

– They showed automobile train wrecks between the two world wars in Timișoara. For a person used to today’s cars, the top speed of 50-60 kilometers per hour is almost a smile, but their beauty takes you back to the first half of the last century. Among the vehicles on display were a 1925 Buick and a 1939 Mercedes.

– Kőfeszt – EKF. Pentecost folk dance meeting with the participation of ensembles from the Carpathian Basin.

Saturday morning – Radio Kossuth – Saturday, May 27, 6:00

Editor – host: László Gungl

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