At the opening, you can still go to the beach in Debrecen at last year’s prices

At the opening, you can still go to the beach in Debrecen at last year’s prices
At the opening, you can still go to the beach in Debrecen at last year’s prices

As we reported, Aquaticum Debrecen Strand will open its doors on Saturday, May 27. It was to be expected – since the energy crisis and inflation have increased the price of all services, as well as all products – that you will have to pay more for cooling off this beach season. In our overview, we looked at the prices at which the larger beach spas in Debrecen and our smaller homeland tempt guests, and it turned out that the entrance ticket to the Nagyerde beach is the most expensive. It will definitely not be the regular place of an average family from Debrecen in the summer – we noted, and we haven’t even seen the buffet prices yet! Our article aroused serious emotions on the social portal as well, but Aquaticum did not leave without a word either.

Szoboszló is a different world

We received the aquatic communication from Ms. Viola Csonka Mátyus, the senior project manager of Debrecen Asset Management, and in it they draw our attention to the fact that

on the opening weekend – i.e. this Saturday and Sunday – due to Children’s Day, you can still enter the Aquaticum Debrecen Strand area at last year’s prices. An adult ticket costs HUF 4,600, and a student ticket costs HUF 3,900, and from Monday it will be HUF 5,400 and HUF 4,600 respectively, i.e. about 17 percent more expensive.

Aquaticum comments on our comparison with ticket prices in Hajdúszoboszló that, according to the Hungarospa website, the basic ticket price does not include the use of 30 but only 15 pools, and the Aquapark there can only be used for a separate 4,300 forint entrance ticket, so including all slides it will be 9,800 forints the price is for an adult guest in high season. Guests can get the same at the Aquaticum Beach for HUF 4,600 on the opening weekend and HUF 5,400 during the season. The price of other additional services opens this gap even further, as cabin use, sunbeds and similar services are all available for a separate fee in Hajdúszoboszló, while in Debrecen they are available in a certain number included in the basic ticket price. With the use of a cabin and sunbed, an adult spends HUF 12,800 in Hajdúszoboszló, while Aquaticum Strand costs HUF 5,400 (using the comfortable and safe changing room and locker included in the ticket price). The announcement highlights:

the two beaches have different advantages, opportunities and solutions, therefore a direct comparison is irrelevant – if it is a question of comparing entrance fees, however, it is considered important to create the basis for a fair comparison as much as possible.

With this, they reacted to the fact that in our ticket price overview, based on the Hungarospa website, we wrote: The entrance fee is cheaper at Szoboszló, the largest beach in Europe (4,500 in high season), than in Debrecen. Indeed, in Szoboszló you have to pay separately for the slide park, the basic ticket price only includes the use of the artificial Mediterranean beach surrounded by palm trees and a sandy beach and a few children’s, thermal and swimming pools. They charge 4,300 for the slide park, just as – we add – the Mediterranean adventure bath in Debrecen is also overpriced.

Cheaper with a city card!

Energy crisis here or there, the good news is that, according to Aquaticum, the guests of Debrecen can exchange tickets for the whole season at last year’s price with the city card, which is probably available on the most favorable terms in the country, a discounted adult ticket will be HUF 4,600. The acceptance of the Debrecen card has recently been extended to the thermal baths as well – reads the announcement sent to our editorial office.

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