Thanks to the Sibir nuclear icebreaker, there is no icy sea on Jenysze

Thanks to the Sibir nuclear icebreaker, there is no icy sea on Jenysze
Thanks to the Sibir nuclear icebreaker, there is no icy sea on Jenysze

The task of the crew of the nuclear-powered icebreaker was to cut channels across the ice of the river, through which the moving ice could continue to advance, in order to prevent the dangerous accumulation of ice, which would threaten an ice flood.

Open channels in the Jenyiszej estuary at Dugyinka to prevent ice build-up

– The new universal nuclear icebreaker was given such a task for the first time – said Leonid Irlica, Acting CEO of Atomflot, which operates nuclear-powered icebreakers belonging to Roszatom. In Siberia, channels had to be cut in the area of ​​the Luzinsky, Nikitinsky and Funtusovsky islands in the main branch of the Yenisei, as well as the zimnyik, i.e. the route used for motor vehicles, which was built on the ice between the left and right banks of the Yenisei River, which had thickened to a thickness of two meters during the winter. he had to crack it. Thanks to the special technical characteristics of the double-submerged nuclear icebreaker and the experience of the crew, as well as the instructions of the crew managing the icebreaker fleet, it was possible to solve this complex task.

Before the onset of the spring ice, the ice-blocking operations on the Siberian rivers begin, which were carried out in this northern part of the Krasnoyarsk region at the request of the Tajmiri Dolgán-Nyenets district, in order to prevent ice floods. According to hydrometeorologists, the ice on the Jenyisze threatens with ice jams and tidal waves this year as well.

The elimination of ice dams has been working well on the Jenysze for many years, with the involvement of nuclear icebreakers of the Tajmir type, used in river estuaries. At the mouth of the Jenyiszej, the port of Dugyinka is closed at this time and all boats are towed away from there. When the water height reaches 7.5-8 meters, the nuclear-powered icebreaker breaks through the two-meter-thick ice of the zimnyik with channels and passages. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid ice jams and the congealed water causing an ice flood.

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