Kerkez liked Benfica, but the club does not like the 20 m


While the defender of the Hungarian national team of AZ Alkmaar, Kerkez Milos, has already liked a post of Benfica from Lisbon, who are interested in him, on Instagram, the Portuguese newspaper Record writes that the two clubs still could not agree on the player’s price – the Dutch want 20 million euros.

Kerkez would like to sign with Benfica (Photo: Getty Images)

For weeks, there have been reports about Kerkez Milos that Benfica would sign him to replace the departing Spanish defender Alejandro Grimaldo, who has already agreed with Bayer Leverkusen, the German club has already announced his signing. Alkmaar can also do well with the change of club, as according to the news, they signed the defender for less than two million euros, who they can now sell for a multiple of the former purchase price, and can earn in the future: according to information from Portugal, 25 percent of the footballer’s next transfer fee also belongs to AZ then.

Yes, but only according to the information of the Record, the two clubs cannot come to an agreement for the time being, as Benfica is demanding the 20 million euros requested by Alkmaar. In the Portuguese newspaper’s article on Friday, it is written that, during the informal discussions with Kerkez and his father, they have already reached a common denominator, so the only thing missing is the agreement of the two clubs for the transfer, but we still have to wait for that.

Meanwhile, Kerkez has already liked one of Benfica’s posts on Instagram, pointed out.

By the way, even after his debut against Germany last year, the international press reported that there was a huge interest in Kerkez Milos, and the name of Benfica appeared as one of the first suitors.

If the clubs manage to reach an agreement in the meantime, Milos Kerkez could play for the last time in AZ on Sunday. In an interview with Nemzeti Sport on May 6, the defender spoke about how the Dutch club was the best possible place for his development, and if he managed to sign with the leader of the Portuguese league after one season, it would be another significant leap in the player’s career. The 19-year-old Kerkez has so far scored five goals and eight assists in 51 games in AZ.

Kerkez liked Benfica’s Instagram post

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