Today, she is 45 years old and a member of Hungary’s once most successful female band, Baby Gabi


Gabriella Szklenár, stage name Baby Gabi, sang in the Baby Sisters, one of Hungary’s most successful female bands, in the 90s. At just 30 years old, the sexy girls sang in bomb form Love my body baby their hit. Several years have passed since then, the singer started a solo career and became a mother.

Baby Gabi was pregnant with twins in 2016. Photo: Blikk/ László Grnák

Baby Gabi looks like this today

Although she doesn’t look like she once did as a member of the Baby Sisters, when she barely weighed 50 kilos, a lot of time has passed since then and the singer has struggled a lot with excess weight in recent years. She was always slim in her twenties, and then a tragedy happened in her life, the death of her mother, which took a toll on her and made her suffer from panic attacks. Then he told Kiskegyed that he got into a state of mind that made his everyday life difficult and that he had to take medicine, which, however, made him gain weight.

Baby Gabi looks like this now. Photo: TV2

For many years he tried everything to regain his original form, but with little success. Neither the shaping treatments, nor the gym, nor even plastic surgery brought the expected results. Then he started playing hard sports and changed a lot. For quite some time now, he has not believed in drastic diets, but rather in changing his lifestyle. He does the same now, he pays attention to his meals, of course Botond and Bence tire him out properly and use up a lot of energy, which also helps him burn fat. Gabi is very happy with her two little sons and her husband.

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