Simonyi: Trump is a dangerous opponent, and now he is fighting for his life


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May 26, 2023
Breakfast fast – detail 23.05.26. András Simonyi

The campaign launch of Ron DeSantis, who is considered to be Donald Trump’s challenger in Republican circles, did not go well. According to his comments on 444, the former American president has noticeably gained a fighting spirit now that he has become a strong Republican challenger: he attacked Ron DeSantis, who was announcing his presidential campaign, with such vigor that even Democrats rarely received from him.

DeSantis pushed his campaign on Twitter with Elon Musk – it went pretty badly – and the Trump team built their missile attack on it.

“Trump is a dangerous adversary, it’s as simple as that,” he said on Friday morning’s Fast Morning András Simonyi. According to the former ambassador to Washington, Trump is currently fighting for his life not only in a political sense.

As previously reported by Klubrádió, a New York court found Donald Trump guilty of sexual abuse in a case 27 years ago. In another case, it is suspected that during his 2016 – later victorious – campaign, Trump paid 130,000 dollars (47.2 million forints at today’s exchange rate) to Stormy Daniels through his lawyer to keep quiet about their affair ten years earlier.

Based on these, Simonyi believes that the young, energetic DeSantis, who otherwise “has mastered” and continues Trump’s extreme rhetoric, is a serious challenger for the former president. In addition to all this, DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, assists her husband as Lady Macbeth.

“It’s a big question, what can someone who is successful in Florida expect in the United States,” asked Simonyi, adding that the politician’s big advantage over Trump and Biden – given that both politicians are around 80 years old – is that they are young.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is very talented in using the media. In particular, he can make better use of social media, while his challenger has difficulty moving in this space based on his misguided campaign launch.

“America is basically a conservative country, but the majority of people, in my estimation, still lean toward the middle. It’s clear that they’re fed up with the division.” Simonyi outlined the broader picture. He sees the problem in the fact that both the Republican and Democratic wings have been captured by their own extremists. The Republicans are Trump’s populists, the Democrats are the extremists of the woke culture.

“It is also a big question whether extreme politicians like DeSantis or Trump can successfully politicize with such a public mood.

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Breakfast quick/interview with András Simonyi
05/26/2023, Friday 7:15 a.m
Reporter: Róbert Pálinkás Szüts

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