The student who stabbed his teacher because of the triple grade was given five years

The student who stabbed his teacher because of the triple grade was given five years
The student who stabbed his teacher because of the triple grade was given five years

On Tuesday, the Győr Jury sentenced the student who stabbed his teacher several times during class at a school in Győr to five years in prison due to the attempted murder of a public official, the court’s spokesperson informed MTI in a statement.

According to the factual procedure established by the court, the academic average of the accused was consistently above 4.5. On the day of the crime, December 5, 2019, the accused received a three for his math thesis. The teacher told the students to look over their papers and if they disagreed with something, discuss it in the next class; since it is still possible to write a remedial paper, do not enter the marks for now.

The defendant had a pocket knife which he carried to school.

Two or three times he has already made such a statement in class, showing the knife, that he would stab the teacher, but his classmates did not take him seriously.

The accused also spoke about this right before the crime, but his colleague did not take it seriously this time either. At noon, by showing something in his notebook,

he went out to the teacher standing at the teacher’s desk, got behind her and stabbed her once in the back with the knife.

The teacher fell to the ground, crouched next to the accused and stabbed him at least twice in the neck and chest lying on the ground. The stabs hit the victim’s arms, which were held in front of him as a defense. The accused’s colleague rushed to the teacher’s aid. At the request of his classmate, the accused handed over the knife. The stabs on the victim’s back were capable of taking human life.

Based on all of this, last October, the Győr Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to five years in a juvenile prison for attempted homicide by a public official, with the possibility of parole after serving half of the sentence. The prosecutor appealed against the sentence for aggravation, and the defendant and his defense lawyer appealed for mitigation.

On Tuesday, the Győr Jury changed the verdict of the first-instance court and found that the accused can be released on parole after serving two-thirds of the five-year prison sentence.
In the justification of the second-degree, final decision of the board, it highlighted, among other things, that the defendant’s intention was clearly aimed at taking life, the court informed.

According to press reports, the 17-year-old accused was a student of the Jedlik Ányos Mechanical and Informatics Vocational High School, Vocational High School and College of the Győr Vocational Training Center, the 51-year-old teacher was in a life-threatening condition as a result of the stabbing, she developed pneumothorax and hemoptysis, her left lung collapsed, and several limbs were injured.

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