There are currently 57 registered parties and movements in Slovakia


Blues, Apples, Karma, everything is here, if this country doesn’t lack something, it certainly doesn’t lack self-appointed parties and movements. In preparation for the parliamentary elections due at the end of September, there are currently 57 registered parties and movements fighting for votes in alliance with others or individually.

This year, the political entity Modrí – Európske Slovensko, Karma, Reštart Slovenska and Jablko submitted their application for registration”, the Ministry of the Interior informed the SITA news agency. Currently, 108 political parties and movements are in the liquidation process. Some parties were created from previous parties by adopting a new name.

The Modrí – Európske Slovensko party was launched by the former prime minister, Mikuláš Dzurinda, and the Jablko party was created by the member of the European Parliament, Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová. The mysteriously named Karma party was founded by Ondrej Janíček, an entrepreneur who became known in connection with the Fatima case, and the names of Peter Kaputa, Marián Geci and Jana Rusnáková appear in his petition committee.

You can found a party with 10,000 supporting signatures.

The application for registration must be submitted to the ministry in writing, together with the articles of association of the future party and the supporting signatures, by a preparatory committee consisting of at least three members. After reviewing this, the Ministry of the Interior registers the party.


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